Free Download Induction Motor Seminar PPT, PDF Report: An Induction motor can be defined as the AC electric motor device in which a power source fed by the alternating current with the help of a primary winding. Generally, it is known as the asynchronous motor because its running speed is less than its synchronous speed. It is known as the most commonly used electrical machines all over the world. In this article, we have given Induction Motor Seminar PPT, PDF Report.

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Induction Motor Seminar PPT, PDF Report

Main Parts of the Induction Motor

There are two main parts of an induction motor named as the Rotor and the Stator. The rotor is the rotating part of the motor, whereas the stator works as the stationary part. There is a little gap between the stator and rotor called an air-gap. The radial air-gap generally varies from 0.5 mm to 2 mm
The thin-slotted highly permeable steel laminations are used to make the stator. These limitations are stacked inside a cast or steel iron frame. It consists of poles that carry the supply current for inducing a magnetic field. The windings are distributed in slots near the stator for optimizing the distribution of the magnetic field.

Types of Induction Motors

Generally, there are two types of the induction motors known as single phase and three phase induction motors:
1. Single Phase Induction Motors
The single phase induction motor comes with the different starting arrangements. It is widely used when compared to the three phase motor for the industrial, commercial and domestic purposes. The power needs of the majority of the shops, houses and small houses can be easily met through a single phase system.

2. Three Phase Induction Motor

The induction motor that runs on a three phase AC supply is known as a three-phase induction motor. This type of motor has a major use in the different industrial applications due to numerous benefits such as higher efficiency, reliable cost, minimum maintenance and self-starting feature.

Advantages of Induction Motor

The induction motor offer following advantages:
• Due to its robust and sturdy shape, it can be operated for a great range of industrial conditions.
• It comes with the simple construction and doesn’t have accessories such as slip rings, commutators or brushes.
• The cost of the induction motor is much cheaper as compared to the other types of motors.
• Induction motors demand very little maintenance.
• There is no requirement of the complex circuit for starting the motor.
• Unlike DC motors, it doesn’t produce sparks and can be operated in hazardous environments.

Disadvantages of Induction Motor

  • It is tough to control the speed in the induction motors.
  • The power factor drops to very low values at lower loads.
  • The efficiency also reduced to the low loads that result in higher copper losses.

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Applications of Induction Motors

Have a look at some of the applications of induction motors:
• The large induction motors having power outputs between 1MW and 3 MW are used for the variable pitch and variable speed transfers.
• The major application of the induction motor is in the industrial applications, accounting near 85%.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Induction Motor

  • —Introduction
  • —Why induction motor (IM)?
  • —Classification of Motor
  • —Rotating Magnetic Field
  • —Principle of operation
  • —Induction motor speed
  • —Induction Motors and Transformers
  • —Disadvantages
  • —References  

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Induction Motor PPT and Seminar Free Download

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