453+ Marketing Project Topics and Ideas: Marketing is the activity, set of institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings of value to customers, partners and the general public.

marketing project topics

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The term marketing derives from the Latin word mercatus, which means market or trader. We have curated an extensive range of Marketing Project topics. It is widely recognized as a demanding field, it involves a comprehensive exploration of various concepts and insights.

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The Marketing Project topics serve as a vital component in making students’ efficient in their subject. You are in the right place, if you are a student who is in search of marketing project topics.


453+ Marketing Project Topics and Ideas

  1. The role of product development and management in a manufacturing company
  2. Effect of packaging on consumer buying choice of selected consumer goods
  3. Effect of advertising and sales promotion on sales volume
  4. The effect of branding on product marketing
  5. Impact of customers complaint on marketing performance in the service industry
  6. The incidence of brand loyalty among consumers of cereal foods
  7. An investigation into the marketing strategies used by commercial banks in managing service breakdown among sme customers
  8. The impact of marketing research as an avenue for profitability
  9. The impact of product advertisement on sales volume of companies
  10. The impact of tv advertising on the marketing of gsm service
  11. Effecitve marketing strategies for health care services
  12. Public relations and international marketing
  13. The role of advertising in motivating consumer brand preference for beverages
  14. The problems and prospects of marketing auto maintenance services
  15. Marketing research as a tool for profitability in the service industry
  16. Marketing of banking and financial service
  17. Public relation techniques for marketing air transport services in nigeria
  18. An appraisal of the application of marketing strategy by state economic empowerment and development strategy (seeds) in reducing poverty and unemployment
  19. Effective pricing strategy of new products
  20. The role of marketing planning in the marketing of computer products

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Mba Marketing project topics

  1. The role of marketing strategy in determining consumer purchasing behavour
  2. The impact of sales promotion on the marketing of new product and services
  3. The impact of relationship marketing as a tool for customer satisfaction and profitability
  4. The impact promotion on the marketing of a new services
  5. The development and marketing of a new product as a company life wire
  6. The effect of high cost of transportation on nigeria economy and its effect on consumer goods
  7. The effect of product quality on consumer brand loyalty
  8. The effectiveness of marketing planning and control in a manufacturing organization
  9. The effectiveness of personal selling strategies in marketing of capital goods
  10. The impact of marketing communication on consumer brand loyalty
  11. The impact of information and computer technology ict on the marketing of automobile products in nigeria
  12. The effects of subsidy removal on effective marketing of petrol in nigeria
  13. Promotion: An effective marketing strategies in business organization in nigeria
  14. Determining the effectiveness of product planning and management in nigeria breweries
  15. Brand switching behavior of consumers in the hair care service
  16. An evaluation of the distribution strategies for the marketing of petroleum
  17. An appraisal of effective advertising in increasing sales of cosmetics
  18. An evaluation of sales promotion in increaseing the levels of network patronage in the telecommunication industry
  19. Effects of television adverting in consumer behabiour
  20. Evaluation of the development and marketing of service products
  21. Importance of markting research in enhancing the service level of manufacturing company
  22. Market sementation as an efficient tool of achieving increased market share
  23. An evaluation of sales promotion in increasing the levels of network patronage in the telecoms industry
  24. The relevance of markting research in enhancing the service level of manufacturing firms
  25. An assessment of photographs and cartoons as communication instruments
  26. Public perception towards billboard advertisment
  27. The role of advertisement media on consumer buying behavior
  28. The use of packaging as an effective way of marketing new product
  29. The impact of marketing communication on product development
  30. The influence of customer relationship management on the sales of products

List of marketing project topics

  1. Effective marketing strategies for health care services
  2. The effect of promotional strategies in the marketing of bank services
  3. Lifestyle branding as a method of increasing product appeal a study of life beer in the south east
  4. Feel good advertising and its effect on consumer repeat purchase behaviour a study of de-united industries ltd makers of indomie noodles
  5. A study on psychographic profiling and increased sales efficiency
  6. An empirical investigation of covid-19 on product sales and marketing
  7. Assessment of twitter ban on brand awareness in nigeria
  8. An examination of twitter ban on digital marketing
  9. Impact of online shopping adverts on consumer buying rate
  10. Effect of pricing strategies on sales volume
  11. Role of advertising in motivating consumer brand preference for beverages in nigeria
  12. Relevance of market segmentation in the effective marketing of cosmetics products
  13. The impact of sales promotion on the purchasing of consumer product in nigeria
  14. Impact of marketing research in achieving organizational goal
  15. Effect of advertising on brand performance
  16. The effect of purchasing segmentation as a tool for achieving organizations sales objectives
  17. Effectiveness of product innovation as a tool of achieving competitive advantage in the purchasing environment
  18. Application of marketing control techniques in manufacturing firms
  19. The role of product management in the marketing of banking service (a case study of first bank aba branch)
  20. The impact of marketing strategy on the productivity of an organization.
  21. The problems facing the marketing of poultry product
  22. An evaluation of pipeline transportation in the marketing of petrol in nigeria
  23. The impact of marketing in the development of tourism in enugu state
  24. An apprisaial of effective advertising in increasing sales of cosmetics
  25. Attitude of consumers towards public utilities (a case study of nepa, enugu metropolis
  26. The impact of personal selling in the marketing of beverages in enugu state
  27. A study on the role of advertising in tourism development
  28. The effect of segmentation in the target marketing of nbl plc in enugu state
  29. Advertising as a ‘’power tool’’ for business growth.
  30. Impact of effective public relations in marketing expansion of banking services in enugu metropolis

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Marketing Related Project Ideas

  1. Advertising as a strategic instrument in the marketing of mtn’s communication services
  2. The efficacy of sales promotion in the marketing of consumer product
  3. An evaluation of product positioning strategies in the consumer products industry in nigeria
  4. An evaluation of distribution strategies in marketing of petroleum products
  5. The role of public relations in the marketing of hospital services
  6. An evaluation of the distribution startegies adopted by oando plc for the marketing of petroleum
  7. The problems facing the establishment of banks in rural areas
  8. An indepth study of on the brand switching behavior of malt drink consumer in enugu state from 2005 -2010
  9. An analysis of the problems and prospects of classified advertising in enugu metropolis
  10. An investigation into marketing implication of street trading in urban centers
  11. The impact of promotion on consumer patronage of pharmaceutical companies
  12. Attitude of consumers towards made in nigerian goods
  13. Brand switching behaviour of consumers in the hair care service
  14. The impact of self service on the performance of supermarkets
  15. The effect of pricing strategies on the marketing of agricultural products in enugu state
  16. Consumer protection laws in nigeria and its implications on nigerian consumers
  17. Physical distribution management in brewery industries
  18. Appraisal of asset valuation as a tool for marketing business
  19. Customer orientation in banking industry

Marketing Management Project Topics

  1. Brand differentiation & positioning for maximum competitive advantage
  2. Customer Satisfaction for a Digital Marketing Agency
  3. Return on Investment for Various Digital Marketing Strategies
  4. Google Search Engine Marketing Case Study Analysis
  5. Analysis of New Product Launch Using Google Double Click
  6. Social Media Strategies for Online Shopping Cart
  7. Analytical Comparison of Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing
  8. Facebook Analytics For Targeted Marketing
  9. Customer Preferences on Coupon Code-Based Promotional Activities
  10. Report on Tools to Analyze Digital Marketing Competitors
  11. Analysis of Visual Keyword Tools for Search Engine Marketing.

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Marketing Project Topics on Consumer Behavior

  1. The Impact of Social Media on Consumer Buying Behavior
  2. How do organisations create customer centric-businesses?
  3. Influence of Celebrity Endorsements on Consumer Choices
  4. The implications of e-marketing on customer decisions.
  5. Psychological Factors Affecting Consumer Decision-Making
  6. The Role of Brand Loyalty in Shaping Consumer Behavior
  7. The influence of product prices on customer behaviour.
  8. Cross-Cultural Influences on Consumer Purchasing Patterns
  9. The Effect of Product Packaging on Consumer Perception
  10. The latest consumer trends in online shopping.
  11. Evaluating the Impact of Online Reviews on Consumer Buying Decisions
  12. The Role of Emotions in Consumer Decision-Making
  13. Comparative Analysis of Offline and Online Shopping Behavior
  14. Understanding the Influence of Family and Peer Groups on Consumer Choices
  15. Exploring the Role of Price Sensitivity in Consumer Decision-Making
  16. The Effect of Advertising Messages on Consumer Attitudes
  17. Consumer Response to Environmental Sustainability in Marketing
  18. Examining the Impact of Cultural Values on Consumer Preferences
  19. The Role of Personalization in E-commerce and Consumer Behavior
  20. The impacts of negative online reviews on purchase intent.
  21. Investigating the Effectiveness of Loyalty Programs on Consumer Retention
  22. The Impact of Information Overload on Consumer Decision Fatigue
  23. Analyzing the Role of Trust in Influencing Consumer Choices
  24. The Influence of Gender and Age on Consumer Purchasing Behavior
  25. Consumer Perceptions of Brand Authenticity in Marketing

Digital Marketing Project Topics

  1. The Rise of Influencer Marketing in the Digital Age
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Trends
  3. Data-Driven Strategies for Targeted Online Advertising
  4. Mobile Marketing Trends and Innovations
  5. Content Marketing Strategies
  6. Content Marketing in the Era of Short Attention Spans
  7. Mobile Marketing for App Promotion
  8. The Impact of Voice Search on Digital Marketing Strategies
  9. Social Media Engagement and Brand Awareness
  10. Video Marketing Effectiveness in Digital Campaigns
  11. Google Analytics and Data Analysis
  12. Email Marketing: Personalization and Automation
  13. Cross-Platform Integration for Seamless User Experience
  14. Social Media Analytics and Insights
  15. The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing
  16. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Best Practices
  17. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Social Media Analytics
  18. Online Reputation Management
  19. Interactive Content Strategies for Digital Engagement
  20. Customer Journey Mapping in the Digital Landscape
  21. Virtual and Augmented Reality in Digital Marketing
  22. TikTok Marketing for Brands
  23. The Power of User-Generated Content for Brands
  24. Chatbot Integration for Enhanced Customer Interaction
  25. Programmatic Advertising and Real-Time Bidding
  26. Chatbots and AI in Customer Service
  27. Ephemeral Content and its Impact on Marketing
  28. Localization Strategies in Global Digital Campaigns
  29. Personal Branding in the Digital Space
  30. Ethical Considerations in Data-Driven Marketing
  31. Gamification for Customer Engagement
  32. Blockchain Technology in Digital Advertising
  33. The Evolution of Social Commerce
  34. Crisis Management in the Digital Age: Online Reputation

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Best Marketing Project Ideas

  1. “Digital Transformation Strategies for Marketing”
  2. Establish the correlation between brand marketing and repeat purchases.
  3. “The Impact of Social Media Influencers on Brand Awareness”
  4. “Personalization in Email Marketing Campaigns”
  5. Do consumers pay attention to product labels?
  6. “Augmented Reality in Advertising”
  7. “Blockchain Technology in Marketing”
  8. Harmful impacts of advertising on school children.
  9. “Data-driven Decision Making in Marketing”
  10. “Customer Retention Strategies in E-commerce”
  11. Is the use of display marketing declining?
  12. “The Role of Chatbots in Customer Engagement”
  13. “Video Marketing Trends and Best Practices”
  14. “Green Marketing: Sustainable Practices in Advertising”
  15. “Innovative Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns”
  16. “Cross-Channel Marketing Integration”
  17. “The Power of User-Generated Content in Branding”
  18. How does brand familiarity impact a customer’s buying intention?
  19. “Mobile App Marketing Strategies”
  20. “Voice Search Optimization for Marketers”
  21. “Neuromarketing: Understanding Consumer Behavior”
  22. “The Future of Influencer Marketing”
  23. “Brand Loyalty Programs and Customer Satisfaction”
  24. “Emotional Marketing Appeals and Consumer Response”
  25. “Localization Strategies in Global Marketing”
  26. “The Rise of Micro-moments in Mobile Marketing”
  27. “Interactive Content Marketing Approaches”
  28. “Artificial Intelligence in Predictive Analytics for Marketing”
  29. “Podcasting as a Marketing Channel”
  30. “Ethical Considerations in Marketing Practices”
  31. “Content Curation for Social Media Marketing”
  32. “Ephemeral Content and Its Impact on Consumer Engagement”
  33. “Neighborhood Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses”
  34. “Crisis Communication in the Digital Age”
  35. “Subscription-based Models in Marketing”

Marketing Analytics project Topics

  1. Customer Segmentation Analysis
  2. The Impact of Big Data on Marketing Analytics
  3. Social Media ROI Measurement
  4. Multichannel Marketing Analytics
  5. Email Marketing Effectiveness
  6. Website Conversion Funnel Optimization
  7. Predictive Analytics for Lead Scoring
  8. Measuring Marketing Attribution Models
  9. A/B Testing for Advertising Campaigns
  10. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Analysis
  11. Market Basket Analysis
  12. Influencer Marketing Impact Assessment
  13. Customer Journey Mapping and Analytics
  14. Geospatial Analysis for Targeted Campaigns
  15. Mobile App Analytics for User Engagement
  16. Brand Sentiment Analysis
  17. Cross-Channel Attribution Modeling
  18. Social Network Analysis for Influencer Marketing
  19. Marketing Mix Modeling
  20. Video Content Performance Metrics
  21. SEO Effectiveness Analysis
  22. Customer Churn Prediction
  23. Ad Spend Optimization
  24. Personalization and Recommendation Engine Metrics
  25. Competitor Benchmarking in Digital Marketing

Interesting Marketing Research Project

  1. Consumer Perception of Sustainable Brands
  2. The Impact of Social Media Influencers on Purchase Behavior
  3. Virtual Reality in Advertising: Consumer Engagement and Attitudes
  4. Brand Loyalty in the Age of E-Commerce
  5. Emerging Trends in Augmented Reality Marketing
  6. The Role of User-Generated Content in Shaping Brand Image
  7. Voice Search and Its Implications for SEO and Marketing
  8. Mobile Payment Adoption and Consumer Trust
  9. Cross-Cultural Marketing Strategies: A Comparative Study
  10. The Influence of Gamification on Consumer Engagement
  11. Subscription Box Services: Consumer Preferences and Satisfaction
  12. The Effectiveness of Cause-Related Marketing Campaigns
  13. Influences on Gen Z Consumer Buying Behavior
  14. The Impact of Personalization on E-Commerce Conversion Rates
  15. Ephemeral Content in Social Media Marketing
  16. The Role of Emotions in Advertising Effectiveness
  17. Influences of Cultural and Social Factors on Luxury Brand Preferences
  18. Customer Trust in Online Reviews and Ratings
  19. The Effectiveness of Interactive Content in Digital Marketing
  20. Marketing to Generation Alpha: Understanding the Next Generation of Consumers

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Content Marketing Project Topics

  1. Content Marketing for B2B vs. B2C
  2. Content Automation and AI Integration
  3. Influencer Marketing and Content Collaboration
  4. Content Localization Strategies
  5. Podcasting as a Content Marketing Tool
  6. Content Marketing ROI Measurement
  7. Content Marketing in Emerging Markets
  8. Email Marketing Content Strategies
  9. Interactive Content Experiences
  10. SEO and Content Optimization
  11. Content Personalization Strategies


Within this blog, we provide a compilation of standard Marketing Project Topics that students can delve into as part of their academic research pursuits.

The primary purpose of marketing is to get people interested in your company’s products or services. It does this by analyzing the market, researching and considering the interests of  the company’s ideal customers, and attracting them with educational and useful messages for the company’s target audience.

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