Sumit Thakur Hey guys, This is Sumit Thakur, I am a blogger and I love blogging. I did engineering from MIET and after that I started this blog with my team. My task is to handle all technical issues of the studymafia.

How the idea of studymafia came out of the box??

When I was in engineering, I found myself always busy in doing some random stuff like preparing for seminars and project reports. at the same time, I used to think that there should be an online portal where one can get all this stuff for free without registration. So I started a blog named

Dream shattered.

In the starting days of studymafia, I was very excited but soon I realized the potential and some hard truth about blogging. I didn’t get any advertiser so that I could get money out of my blog and at the same time the expense of studymafia was going high. So finally I decided to shut down

But as we know that after every dark night, there is a bright morning.

I started last year on 9th of Jan 2015 with my team. But this time everything was planned. Now We had the best advertiser Google Adsense(at least for us) with us and also we had our own server. So journey begun and within one year we reached to 600k page views per month.

At, you can find seminars ppt for computer science, electronics and engineering, Mechanical engineering, Civil, MBA and MCA. Along with ppt slides you will get free report in pdf format. These ppt and reports are free to download. We are determined to make this website hustle free so that student can download seminars directly without login.

What I got from blogging?

Currently I own around 10 blogs and all these blogs make me a $1500+ earning blogger. Blogging has changed my life completely And there is one word for blogging, IT IS SPLENDID.

If you want to contact us then mail us at