CNC Machines Seminar and PPT with pdf report: In the field of industries, it is genuinely possible to make all the products by hand but we make it by devices or machines to save time. Hence, from this, the concept of CNC machines was started and with the aid of these CNC machines, it is possible to make a number of products of the same item in a day. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and is a unique and versatile form of soft automation; initially, it was advanced to control the motion as well as an operation of device tools.

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CNC Machines Seminar and PPT with PDF Report

Computer numerical control was operated using a discrete numerical value and two necessary input technical data will be stored on floppy disk, hard disk etc. The definition of CNC is as follows: “A method in which actions are managed by the insertion of numerical information at some point. The system or method must automatically interpret some part of this information.

“In a CNC machine, all the operations and slide movements are restrained by motors using the list of instructions of a computer.CNC machines can be used 24*7 or throughout the year as it requires less effort, less trained persons are required to run these devices. The CNC machines are software based and as these are software based there is the only one-time investment which lowers the cost of a product.

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History of CNC Machines:

In 1947, numerical control was evolved and started when John C. Parsons of the Parsons Corporation, Travel city, Michigan, a manufacturer of helicopter rotor blades was not able to make his templates fast. At that time, he invented a way o coupling computer equipment with a jig borer. In 1952 MIT i.e. Massachusetts Institute of technology took over the total job and the term numerical control was evolved at MIT.

Why use CNC machines?

CNC machines have the wide range of applications and this becomes an important feature of using CNC machines. It is widely used in metal cutting industry to manufacture the following type of products:

  • The CNC machines helped in producing parts with complicated outlines.
  • They were used in manufacturing parts that require good repeatability.
  • They helped in generating parts that require costly jigs and fixtures.
  • Also used in manufacturing parts that requires several engineering modifications.
  • It helps in producing the products which cannot be efficiently produced by human beings.

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Some common or basic types of CNC machines used in firms or industries are:

  • Drilling device
  • Punching device
  • Grinding device
  • Laser cutting device
  • Water jet cutting device
  • Industrial robot
  • Electro discharge device

Parts of the CNC machines are:

A CNC machine consists of many parts and they are as follows:

  • Part program
  • Program input device
  • Machine control unit
  • Drive system
  • Machine tool
  • Feedback system
  1. Part program: A part program is a program that is required to manufacture a part. It controls the machine tool’s movement and also controlling of auxiliary functions. In this the group of instructions which are nothing but the programs that consists of letters, symbols, and numbers.
  2. Program input device: The program input device is a way of entering the program into the CNC control. The program input devices like punch tape reader, magnetic tape reader are the most commonly used program input devices.
  3. Machine control unit: The machine control unit is an important part of CNC device and is also known as the heart of CNC machine.
  4. Drive System: The drive system consists of drive motors and much more.
  5. Machine tools: To control the machine tools the CNC controls are used. The machine is controlled along the x-axis and y-axis whereas the spindle runs along the z-axis.

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Advantages of CNC machine:

  • The CNC machines have high repeatability and accuracy.
  • It can manufacture products in large quantity.
  • Complex and irregular surfaces need to machine to get a regular surface and CNC machines help in doing this.
  • These machines are safer and have good quality.
  • These machines needless paperwork.

Disadvantages of CNC machines:

  • The total setup of CNC machine is costly and need few skilled operators.
  • It requires the knowledge of computers and programming knowledge is required.
  • It has the difficulty in maintenance.

Hence, this is about the CNC machines which really helped mankind in many ways and also solves the complexity of the problems in a simple way through the machine.

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Content of the Seminar and pdf report for CNC Machines

  • Introduction
  • Meaning of CNC Machines
  • History
  • Why Use CNC Machines
  • Use of Typical CNC Machines
  • Parts of CNC Machines
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Conclusion

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