Seminar Topics for Mechanical Engineering with ppt (2021): Mechanical Engineers are always busy in doing different operation on their machines. If they get direct Seminar Topics for Mechanical Engineering with ppt and report then this can help them a lot in building more powerful machines. We want to help those guys who are creative by giving them Seminar Topics for Mechanical Engineering with ppt and report.

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Here are Seminar Topics for Mechanical Engineering with ppt and reoprt. We hope you will like them.

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Seminar Topics for Mechanical Engineering with ppt (2021)

Adaptive Cruise Control

A cruise control system is developing by two companies to make adjustments in the speed of a car automatically to maintain a safe distance, is known as Adaptive Cruise Control. This inventive technology uses RADAR for looking forward, which is installed behind the grill of a vehicle and keep an eye over the speed and distance of the vehicle.

It is a computer-aided design program used for 2D as well as 3D design and drafting by engineers, architects and professionals in the field of construction. It was developed by Autodesk Inclusive and the very first program that can be operated on personal computers. At the initial stage, it supports only polygons, circles, lines, arcs and text whereas, in the later update, it enables to support custom objects with the help of C++ application programs interface.


It is an instrument which is using the optics to measure the small angles with extremely high sensitivity. Autocollimator can be applied in precision alignment, monitoring the angles for long time and detection of movements of angles. Two types of autocollimator are there, named as Digital and Visual. The aim is to measure the straightness of a beam and able to conclude about an error in straightness with the help of graphical methods.

It is used to switch on the light on the entrance or gate at night automatically with the presence of a person or object by using sensors. Moreover, it also sounds an alarm to indicate the presence of a person. Two units of transmission and receiving are there in this circuit. It is good for security purposes.


It is a procedure to measure the performance of the products as well as services towards the other business firms which are regarded as best in the market. It helps an organization to identify areas, systems or processes for improving, either it can be a continuous improvement or dramatic improvement.

Biomechatronic Hand

It is a new concept in the field of mechanical engineering. It draws attention to the basic concepts of different fields such as biology, mechanics, electronics and mechanical engineering. The term deals with the interaction of organs of the human body with the electro-mechanics systems or devices. For instance, it is used in pancreas pacemakers for diabetes, electronic muscle stimulator and so on.

BICMOS Technology

These are two pioneering technologies of the electronic field, named as CMOS and Bipolar. The elements fabricated from the CMOS technology dissipate low power with a smaller margin of noise and the particles are smaller. On the other side, the bipolar technology fabricates the components at a high speed, switch quickly and provide good noise.

CNC Machines

It is a short form for Computer Numerical Control and it works according to the information fed into the controller unit of the machine. It consists of the mini-computer or microcomputer that works as a controller unit of the machine. In this machine, the memory of the computer has different programs and the programmer can straightforwardly write the codes and do editing in the programs as per the requirements.

Carbon Nanotubes

These are in a tube shape and containing the molecules of pure carbon that are long as well as thin, of about 1-3 nanometers in diameter and the length of the tube is hundreds to thousands of nanometers. These nanotubes are a hundred times stronger than steel and the weight is of one-sixth of it.

Cryogenic Grinding

The word “Cryogenic” means a very low temperature. Moreover, the term refers to the technique used to pulverizing the spices as well as herbs at a very low temperature, even at sub-zero temperature (-17.78℃). It helps to preserve the essential oils of a herb and it increased the capacity of production as well as less wear and tear of the tools.

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

This is a system that uses s set of gears that provide the definite number of speed and it has two-variable diameter pulleys. As compared to the traditional automatic transmission, CVT avails with more useable power, better economy for fuel and great driving experience. It is a kind of automatic transmission.

Disc Brake

This is a part of the mechanism of the hydraulic braking system and consists of the brake disc and a calliper, having two brake pads. Two types of the braking system in Vehicles are used such as a disc brake system and drum brake system. The disk brake system is superior to drum brake system and the response of disc brakes are more predictable at high temperature and in any conditions.

Digital Audio Broadcasting

It is also known as digital radio, which is an innovative system for broadcasting and receiving radio stations. To accomplish the CD quality, the signals are received in digital form. Alongside the audio, it also allows the transmission of texts and pictures to enhance the experience of listening.

Embedded Systems in Automobiles

It is an embedded system which is a blend of hardware as well as software and forms a dedicated computer system that can do some definite and pre-defined tasks and encapsulate with the device it manages. It has sophisticated functionalities, low cost of manufacturing, low power and operations in real-time.

Fractal Robots

Fractals are never-ending matters which are formed by repeating the same process again and again. So, the fractal robots are the objects comprises of bricks with some electronics in them. These are useful for bridge building, fire fighting, defence technology, medical applications, space applications, earthquake applications and so on.

F1 Track Design and Safety

This term is related to the Formula 1 car racing where hi-tech car tracks provide the driver to run their cars at an excess of 320 kilometres per hour safely with no or zero injuries in case of any crash or accident. These tracks are highly safe and use the CSAS (Circuit and Safety Analysis System) and also do barrier crash test to make it more secure and thrilling to watch.

Geothermal Energy

It comes from the sub-surface of the earth and is a kind of heat. Beneath the earth’s crust, it is contained in the rocks as well as fluids. Well, are dug into the underground reservoirs to touch the steam and hot water to produce the geothermal energy which is useful to drive the turbine linked to the electricity generators.


It stands for Global System for Mobile Communication and is a digital cellular technology used for the transmission of mobile voice as well as data services. This concept is based on the cell-based mobile radio system and most probably used in Europe and Asia. This standard is widely accepted in the field of telecommunications and it is applied on a global basis.

General Packet Radio System (GPRS)

It is a wireless communication based on the packet system and it provides rates of data ranges from 56 up to 114 kbps. Moreover, it avails the continuous connectivity of the internet for mobile phone as well as the users of the computer. Higher the data rates enable the user to take part in video conferences and get in touch with multimedia websites.

Heat Exchanger

This is a device to transfer heat from a fluid (a liquid or a gas) to another fluid (gas or liquid) with no mixing of two fluids or they never meet together. Overall efficiency and size of the system influences the heat exchanger and must maintain the balance between the heat exchanger effectiveness and pressure drop to accomplish the wanted tradeoff efficiency and size in the system.

These are devices used to transfer heat and it is hollow cylindrical with a small amount of working fluid to produce the heat by the process of evaporation. To exemplify, it is useful for the Air Conditioning as well as refrigeration application. It is normally used to transfer heat from heat injection to its destination with minimum differences in temperature.


It is a fabrication and formation of metals process which enables the shaping of the metals such as stainless steel, aluminium, copper, steel and brass. The process is cost-effective and uses specialized kind of die moulding that utilizes extremely pressurized fluid to create metal. It has two classifications such as sheet hydroforming and tube hydro-forming.

Hyper Threading Technology

It is a technology that is commonly known as “HT technology” allows the processor to manage two threads or two sets of instructions at the same time. This technology is developed by Intel Corporation and used in certain Pentium 4 processor as well as Intel Xeon processor. As it works together on two tasks, so it has two separate processors to do a couple of instructions at the same time.

Humanoid Robot

The term is closely related to the robots having overall appearance based on the body of the human. To resemble a male human, Androids are human robots and Gynoids are to resemble a human female. These are useful to help in the real world and not in research labs only.


A hovercraft is a vehicle that is one part boat, one part aeroplane and other one is a helicopter and it traps the air cushion underneath itself and then floats along on top of it. It looks like a boat, it can move across water and however, similar to the plane also and pushes via the air with the help of propellers.

This is a device that is supporting the rotor of the compressor with no mechanical link with the help of magnetic attraction and active control with sensors, electric magnets, power supply unit, controllers and power amplifier. It is a bearing system without any oil and uses the forces of electromagnetic to maintain the position of a rotor to a stator
This type of machining is used in manufacturing industries as it evolves less heat in the process and it is cost-effective. This is an Ultrasonic impact grinding which is an operation that comprises of a vibrating tool varying the frequencies of ultrasonic to remove the material from the piece of work.

Jet Engine

It works on Newton’s third law of motion: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. It is a kind of reaction engine and provides thrust by expelling a reaction mass. Air-breathing, gas turbine engines and axial flow are some of the most used jet engines.

Quantum Dots

These are man-made nanoscale crystals used to transport the electrons. When the UV rays put on these crystals, then it will emit light of different colours. It has a separate quantized energy spectrum. It contains a small number of conduction band electrons, valence band holes or the finite number of elementary electric charges.

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