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Paper Presentation Topics For CSE (2024)

Free net

Freenet is an open-source application whose main use is to share peer to peer data through the internet along with offering various types of stringent privacy protection. It works on a decentralized network and crafted for giving freedom of speech without any need for censorship.

Genetic Engineering can be defined as the process of manipulating DNA for altering the characteristics of orgasm directly systematically. It is used on a variety of living orgasm like bacteria, plants, and animals among others. It is also known with the name of genetic modification in the medical world.

Grid Computing is a distributed system that mixes the available computer resources from many different domains for achieving a certain goal. All the computers in the network work together on a certain task to work as a supercomputer in grid computing.

Optical Coherence Tomography

Optical Coherence Tomography can be simply called a non-invasive imaging test for clicking the cross-section images of the retina. It utilizes the power of light waves for checking distinctive layers of the retina. Over the past years, it has become a standard for assessing and treating retinal conditions.

Google Wave is an online application created by multinational companies Google for allowing the users for communication and collaborating in real-time. The main use of this application is to edit a document by many people simultaneously. It works in a variety of browsers that also include Internet Explorer.

Wireless Fidelity is a wireless network technology that used to make a connection with the internet. It doesn’t interfere with broadcast radio, cellphones, and radios during the transmission process. It works on the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequency that ensures no interference occurs at all.


SATRACK fully abbreviated as Satellite Missile Tracking Program whose main use is to evaluate the system for guiding ballistic missiles. The main motive of this development is validating the built-in weapon system designs. It has pretty broad ocean test ranges for receiving, recording, and tracking the signal ability of the satellite.

Online Voting System

Online Voting System can be defined as the application used for conducting votes and elections through the internet. It helps in eliminating the cost associated with the regular voting system. Apart from that, this system also helps to maintain integrity by preventing fake votes.


Daknet is a wireless technology that created by MIT Media Lab Researchers using an ad hoc network. The main purpose of this technology is to offer asynchronous digital connectivity. The main components of this technology’s architecture are the mobile access point, Kiosk, and hub.

Big Data

Big Data is a technique for explaining a data collection that is pretty large in size and still growing in an exponential manner over time. In simple words, we want to say it is data that has a pretty big size and difficult that can’t be stored by basic data management tools.

Digital Jewellery

Digital jewelry is the one that looks same like fashion jewelry but equipped with embedded intelligence technology. It can be simply called a wearable computer that lets the users communicate through their jewelry through voicemail, e-mail, and voice communication system.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

Random Access Memory (RAM) is computer hardware where the operating system, data, and other applications are kept securely. It can be achieved instantly using the processor of the device. In simple language, it can be called the main memory of the computer for keeping stuff conveniently.

Quantum Computing

Random Access Memory (RAM) is computer hardware where the operating system, data, and other applications are kept securely. It can be achieved instantly using the processor of the device. In simple language, it can be called the main memory of the computer for keeping stuff conveniently.

Digital Cinema

Digital Cinema is a process where digital technology is used for the distribution or projection of motion pictures. It eliminates the old process where reels of motion picture film used for doing the same job. The main component used in this technology is a digital cinema projector that makes sure there is no need for cassette tapes or CDs.


Kerberos is an authentication system using which service requests between trusted hosts are processed in an untrusted network. The main use of this protocol is found on the internet. It is compatible with a variety of operating systems like Apple OS X, Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Free BSD among others.


ATM fully abbreviated as Automated Teller Machine is a specially created machine whose main motive is to manage the money in a convenient manner. The customers of the bank can initiate basic transactions using the service of this machine without the assistance of their representatives.


Java is an object-oriented programming language that has a variety of applications. It is based on the concept of Object-Oriented Programming (OOPS) and considered perfect for managing banking transactions, e-commerce bills, and related works. Some of the most examples where java is used are Android and Map-Reduce Framework.

Polymer Memory

Polymer Memory is a technology where organic polymers are used for storing information. It replaces the use of silicone-based constructions and considered more efficient and advanced. This technique has the potential to perform 3D stacking and provide mechanical flexibility.

Rover Technology

Rover Technology is a technological system that lets the location-based services work along with the device-aware, basic time-aware, and user aware solutions. It works on a variety of systems that range from normal cellular phones and laptops. It is one of the most useful technologies created in recent times.

E-Paper Technology

E-paper is an electronic technology that mimics the look of normal paper ink. It is created in such a way that it reflects lights on the paper instead of just emitting light. There are millions of minuscule capsules available in the e-paper displays making it a well-known technology.


Hurd is a multiserver software that included as a part of GNU that is a well-known operating system. It was released nearly two decades ago in 1990 and included a great sort of protocols and server processes.

Image Processing

Image Processing is a digital technology that allows the users to analyze and manipulate the image for boosting the quality with the help of mathematical techniques. A great number of image processing operations, including treating the image as a 2D signal and adapting signal processing techniques.

Online/Internet Marketing

Online Marketing can be defined as a toolset that utilized to promote products as well as services using the internet. It includes a great range of marketing components that normal business marketing can’t offer. There are many tremendous benefits offered by online marketing, including better customer service, elegant communications, proper control, and growth.


AJAX fully abbreviated as Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is an IT technique that allows the users to develop quick and interactive web applications using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and XML. In simple words, it is a web browser technology that works without a web server application.

Google App Engine

Google App Engine is a PaaS platform using which users get access to the scalable hosting of Google. It is one of the most well-known Paas services in the industry that has helped millions of companies. Using this app engine, the apps are created in Python or Java.


A tripwire is a software tool whose main purpose is to monitor and alert the users about certain file modifications on a variety of systems. It was created by a well-known software company nearly two decades ago in 2000. This application is written in C++ and Perl language.

Computer Virus

A computer virus is an infectious program that spreads on its own from one program to another. The main motive of this virus is to either get admin control or stealing important data of the users. A pretty common method using which virus spread from one host to another is emails.

An antivirus is a software application whose main motive is to find out viruses in the system and further eliminate it. There are many different types of viruses that range from adware to Trojans and even worms. It helps the computers to stay protected from cybercriminals and malware.

Artificial Intelligence is a human-made machine that is programmed to think a human being by imitating their actions. The main feature of this machine is its power to take action for achieving a certain goal. It is simply a wide range branch of computer science for creating smart machines that can easily perform things where human intelligence is needed.

Gi-Fi Technology

Gi-Fi fully abbreviated as gigabit wireless technology for performing wireless communication at a rate of up to 5 gigabits in a second. It is nearly 10 times when compared with the normal wireless transfer rate in the range of 10 meters. Subscriber station is the main part of this technology.

Mobile Jammer

A mobile jammer is equipment whose main purpose is to block the signal transmission by providing some type of interference at a similar frequency used by mobile phones. Due to this, the signal is loose by the mobile phone user.

X-MAX Technology

xMax is a wireless broadband system whose main job is providing dedicated timeslots and bandwidth to the users in the network by using voice prioritization techniques. It is a full set of high-performance access points, mobile switching centers, network management, mobile personal WiFi hotspots, and even patented protocol.

A smart grid is an electric technology that includes a network work based on digital technology. The main motive of this network is supplying electricity to customers through dual digital communication. It results in making transmission efficient and helps in faster restoration.

Space Mouse is a 3-dimensional equipment that allows the users to manipulate the things in three-dimensional circumstances. It usually comes with nine programmable buttons using which users preferences can be customized for better motion control. There are two major variants of this equipment named Space Mouse Classic and Space Mouse Plus.

Diamond Chip

Diamond Chip is basically a carbon chip that weighs less than 0.2 carats and manufactured on the carbon water. It is used in a variety of applications that include transportation, consumer goods, biomedical, information & communications, and environmental.

Linux Operating Systems

Linux is a popular open-source operating system that distributed under an open-source license. It works similarly as the UNIX and developed in 1991. The main competitors of this operating system are Windows, Debian, and Cent OS.

Web Services on Mobile Platform

A web service on the mobile platform can be referred to as the software whose main purpose is to assist in streamlining different characteristics of a mobile application. It gets integrated with the other web services is emerging continuously.

Smart Memories

Smart Memories is a type of chip used in modular computers. There are lots of processor tiles and on-die DRAM memories are included in this chip that further connected with routed networks. The construction of multi-chip systems is connected to the high-speed links.

Client Server Architecture

Client/ Server Architecture is a computing approach through the resources and services are hosted and controlled by the server. These computing resources are further shared by this architecture. This type of model is also known with the name of the networking computing model in the technological world.  The main components of this model are servers, clients, and the internet.

Biometric Authentication is a technological procedure that is based on the biological aspects of a person for verification purposes. The biometric data is compared by this process for data capture to store and confirm. The main use of this process is controlling access to physical and digital resources.

Smart Fabrics is a textile material that is capable of sensing the various conditions in the environment. It is a revolutionary material used by fashion and design purposes. The things like body temperature and breathability are adjusted by the fabric as per that.

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