Google Chrome OS Seminar and PPT Presentation with pdf report: Google chrome operating system is advanced by the Google which avails the engine of web kit layout, the operating system of Google chrome is based on the cloud. The speed of the operating system of Google is an untold parameter, the Google chrome has terrific speed and many users got the experience of the weightlessness and along with it, they have many experiences to share about it.

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Google Chrome OS Seminar PPT Presentation with pdf report

Talking about the weightlessness then in terms of Google it is nothing but about not waiting for the web or the internet. The notebooks of chrome can boot in nearly 10 seconds and instantly begin again from the sleep. All the websites in this load very fast and they will have a smooth operation, along with that the modern web levels and Adobe flash loads very fast and operate smoothly with total support.

The Google chrome does not need any tools for upgrading it, each and every time when people turn on the Google chrome then it automatically upgrades with the modern features and also fixes those updates, it does not add the updates which trouble. The web develops very fast and along with it the notebook of chrome develops. The operating system of the chrome is capable of operating many applications of the web in distinct tabs with the locking features from all the other.

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What is Google Chrome?

In the year of 2008, Google chrome was released by Google and today it is the most famous browser and it is a liberal an open-source browser.

Use of Cloud:                                                                           

The people who use the machines that run chrome have to do all their computational work in the cloud or in the online by not downloading any collection of programs or applications and is similar to iTunes and the Microsoft office or saving those documents and files on the hard drive. The machines that run the chrome get unceasing updates for the group of programs and furnish extra protection, the least user information is saved on the machine and the rest of the information will be saved in the cloud. The users can work, store and live the items online by availing the cloud computing services of Google and other required things, an example of it is the Microsoft’s office web apps.

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Advantages of Google Chrome:

The advantages of the Google chrome are as follows:

  • Chrome operating system: The operating system of the Google chrome is a less weight and it is based on the cloud, as an outcome of it the people cannot run the complicated programs that are not present in the cloud. It requires a connection to the internet to function.
  • Open source: The initial thing in the operating system of chrome is open source software and the abbreviation of it is the OSS. The source code will be present the people can download and begin availing it and hence it does not need any cost.
  • Internet: The OS is centered around the people who avail it and spend their time on the computer device and avails the net.
  • Speed: Coming to the speed of chrome OS then it is very fast when compared with the other OS and the OS of chrome is created in such a way that it even operates on less powered ATOM processors and ARM processors.
  • Integrated media player and printing service: A media player is integrated with Google in the chrome OS and also in the browsers of chrome which helps the users in playing the MP3 and in viewing the JPEGS, along with that it has the ability to control the other multimedia files in the offline state. Now, coming to the printing service, Google made a plan of designing a service by name GOOGLE CLOUD PRINT that will aid the people to print.
  • Security measures: As we know that, the chrome OS has the chrome browser in it and this OS itself upgrades the security system without the need of users doing it.
  • It also supports the other services like Gmail, Google Docs and much more.

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Limitations of Google Chrome OS:

The limitations of the Google chrome are as follows:

  • The Google chrome OS is capable of moving within certain limits to the web.
  • It also has the limitation of information security because the hackers can detect the sensitive information.
  • The Google chrome also faces the problem of hardware compatibility.

The methodology of Google Chrome:

There are various methods in getting the necessary data and among them; the two vital methods are as follows:

  • Laboratory experimentation
  • Survey research

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Does Roblox support the Google Chrome OS?

Roblox has become a very solid platform attaining lots of popularity in the past few years. Although it isn’t designed for Google Chrome OS, one can make certain changes to let it work. There is no version of Roblox available on Google Play, and that’s why you have to down it from their official website. Once downloaded, you have to follow certain directions for installing this app.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Google Chrome OS PPT Presentation

  • Introduction
  • What is Google Chrome?
  • Use of Cloud
  • Advantage
  • Limitations
  • Methodology
  • Experimental Design
  • Conclusion

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