Economics projects are a vital part of learning for class 11 and class 12 students. They help you understand the practical aspects of economic theories and principles taught in the classroom. This article provides a comprehensive list of 100 unique project topics for each class, ensuring a wide range of subjects to explore without any repetition. These topics cover various aspects of economics, from the basics of supply and demand to complex issues like globalisation and economic policies.

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Whether you are looking at the impact of government policies, the role of technology in economic growth, or the effects of inflation, this list has something for everyone. By working on these projects, students can gain a deeper understanding of how economies function, the factors influencing them, and the real-world implications of economic decisions.

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150+ Latest Economics Project Topics 2024

Dive in and find a topic that piques your interest and helps you learn more about the fascinating world of economics.

Best Economics Project Topics

  1. The Role of Startups in Economic Growth
  2. Rural vs Urban Employment Trends
  3. The Impact of FDI in India
  4. The Economics of Education in India
  5. Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on Values of Currencies
  6. The Role of Tourism in Economic Development
  7. The Impact of Inflation on the Indian Economy
  8. Import Substitution vs Export Promotion
  9. The Role of Agriculture in Economic Development
  10. The Effect of Government Policies on Small Businesses
  11. The Economics of Renewable Energy in India
  12. The Impact of Globalization on the Indian Economy
  13. The Basics of Supply and Demand
  14. The Role of Competition in Markets
  15. Analysis of Consumer Behavior
  16. The Concept of Elasticity
  17. The Impact of Advertising on Consumer Choice
  18. The Role of Government in the Economy
  19. The Economics of Public Goods
  20. The Impact of Minimum Wage Laws
  21. The Role of Unions in the Labor Market
  22. Supply and its Determinants
  23. Balance of Payment
  24. Production Possibility Curve
  25. The Central Bank and its Functions
  26. The Economics of Monopoly and Oligopoly
  27. The Impact of Economic Liberalization
  28. The Role of Government Expenditure in the Economy
  29. The Economics of Natural Resources
  30. The Impact of Economic Planning
  31. The Role of Financial Markets in Economic Growth

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Economics Project Topics for Class 12

  1. Impact of GST on the Indian Economy
  2. Analysis of the Indian Stock Market
  3. The Role of Microfinance in Economic Development
  4. The Impact of Demonetization
  5. The Role of Digital Payments
  6. Economic Effects of Covid-19 on India
  7. The Economics of E-commerce in India
  8. Analysis of India’s Foreign Trade
  9. The Role of Women in India’s Economy
  10. Evaluation of India’s Economic Reforms since 1991
  11. Demand and its Determinants
  12. The Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture
  13. A Study on the Indian Banking System
  14. Digital India Movement in India
  15. The Role of Technology in Economic Growth
  16. The Impact of Population Growth on Economic Development
  17. Production – Returns to a Factor
  18. An Analysis of the Indian Insurance Sector
  19. The Role of Public Sector Enterprises in India
  20. The Economics of Health Care in India
  21. Monopoly
  22. The Impact of Subsidies on the Indian Economy
  23. The Role of Foreign Exchange Reserves
  24. The Economics of Urbanization in India
  25. Tax Reforms
  26. The Impact of Labour Laws on Employment
  27. The Role of Entrepreneurship in Economic Development
  28. Monopolistic Competition
  29. The Impact of Trade Policies on the Economy
  30. The Role of the IT Sector in Economic Growth
  31. The Economics of Poverty Alleviation
  32. The Impact of Taxation Policies on the Economy
  33. Price Determination
  34. The Role of Infrastructure in Economic Development
  35. The Economics of Industrialization in India
  36. The Impact of Interest Rates on Investment
  37. The Role of Exports in Economic Growth
  38. The Impact of Economic Inequality
  39. The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations
  40. Opportunity Cost
  41. The Economics of Transportation in India
  42. The Impact of Foreign Trade Agreements
  43. The Role of Savings in Economic Growth

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Economics Project Topics for Class 11

  1. The Concept of Market Equilibrium
  2. The Impact of Price Controls
  3. The Role of Taxes in the Economy
  4. The Economics of Subsidies
  5. Demonetization in India
  6. The Impact of International Trade
  7. The Role of Exchange Rates
  8. The Economics of Environmental Regulation
  9. The Impact of Immigration on the Labor Market
  10. The Role of Central Banks
  11. The Economics of Inflation
  12. Price Discrimination
  13. The Impact of Economic Policies on Growth
  14. The Role of Interest Rates in the Economy
  15. The Economics of Fiscal Policy
  16. The Impact of Monetary Policy
  17. The Role of Investment in Economic Growth
  18. The Economics of Savings
  19. Budget Deficit
  20. The Impact of Technological Change
  21. The Role of Human Capital in Economic Development
  22. The Economics of Income Distribution
  23. The Impact of Economic Cycles
  24. The Role of International Organizations
  25. Cost Function and Cost Curve
  26. The Economics of Health Care Systems
  27. The Impact of Education on Economic Growth
  28. The Role of Infrastructure in Economic Development
  29. The Economics of Urbanization
  30. The Impact of Demographic Changes
  31. The Role of Agricultural Policies
  32. The Economics of Trade Deficits
  33. Credit Creation
  34. The Impact of Government Debt
  35. The Role of Financial Intermediaries
  36. The Economics of Poverty
  37. The Impact of Corruption on Economic Development
  38. The Role of Property Rights
  39. The Economics of Globalization
  40. The Impact of Economic Integration
  41. The Role of International Aid
  42. The Economics of Migration
  43. The Impact of Regional Trade Agreements
  44. The Role of Economic Institutions
  45. The Economics of Innovation

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