CORBA Seminar and PPT with pdf report: The full form of CORBA is the Common Object Request Broker Architecture and it is an object-oriented platform of client and server and along with it, it is a distributed form. It has the additional features and few of them are as follows:

  • The object services like naming services or trading services.
  • It has the Remote Procedure Call i.e. RPC technique which is an object oriented.
  • It has the set of rules which have the parameter of interoperability.
  • It has the patterns and guidelines of programs.
  • It also has the mapping of languages of distinct programming languages.

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CORBA Seminar PPT with pdf report

The CORBA has replaced many ad-hoc and unique purpose techniques like the socket communication.

The object management group:

The OMG is the abbreviation of the object management group and it was formed in the year of 1989 to make the specifications for the open distributed computing. It is the world’s largest collection of programs and has nearly 800 organizations as the member, the object management group publishes the specifications and those are of no change. The sellers of the CORBA applied sciences do not give the royalty to the object management group.

History of CORBA:

The object management group was organized in the year of 1989 and it was started with a group of eight members, it uses to furnish a usual framework of architecture for the applications like object-oriented. Now, coming to the object management architecture i.e. OMA, it is a group of standards that release the usual architectural framework that has the applications built on it. The role of the CORBA in the object management architecture is to put in active in the functions of ORB.

CORBA1.0: The CORBA1.0 was launched in the year of 1990 and in the month of December, just one year it CORBA1.1 was launched in the year of 1991.

CORBA2.0 and IIOP: CORBA 1.x was a vital initial step in furnishing the interoperability of the distributed objects but it was not a total specification. Well, it furnished the levels for IDL and also for approaching an ORB via an application but it has the main limitation of not specifying a standard set of rules by which ORBs cane exchange the information with one another. Due to this, the CORBA object request broker from one seller was not able to exchange information with an object request broker from another seller. The CORBA2.0 was taken up in the year of 1994 and in the month of December, the important refinement was in defining a standard set of rule and by using that an object request broker from any CORBA seller can exchange the data and this rule nothing but the IIOP.

Important Components of CORBA ORB:

The important components of the CORBA ORB are as follows:

  • Object
  • Servant
  • CORBA IDL stubs and skeletons
  • Object request broker i.e. ORB
  • Client
  • Object adapter
  • Object request broker interface
  • Dynamic invocation interface i.e. DII
  • Dynamic skeleton interface i.e. DSI

The Foremost CORBA Application:

This explains about the advancement process of CORBA application and also about the programs that operate on the system of client. The advancement process of the CORBA has the following phases:

  • Initially, we need to design and write the interfaces of the object.
  • In the next step, should produce the stubs and skeletons and along with it the necessary things.
  • After this, have to write the implementations of the server object.
  • In this step, we have to avail the client-side JAVA compiler.
  • Well, here we have to publish a name for the objects that are directly accessible.
  • The next step includes the client side writing of the application.
  • After this should compile the written client code by availing the JDK java compiler.
  • In the final step, we have to load the compiled things in the oracle8i database.

What are the major applications of CORBA?

Check out the main applications of CORBA with a proper explanation below:

  • Internet Solutions

Its main application is with JAVA for offering useful internet solutions. It allows users to download JAVA applets in a variety of languages.

 3-Tire Architecture

There is a CGI bottleneck avoided by the CORBA that lets the clients invoke methods on the server. It is very helpful for creating excellent 3-Tire architecture.

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Advantages of CORBA:

The advantages of the CORBA are as follows:

  • CORBA supports various languages and also the object orientation.
  • The CORBA produces a competition among the sellers and it is backed by the 700 companies like hardware companies, software companies, banks and much more.
  • It has the ability to take the work out of the distributed programming.

Disadvantages of CORBA:

The disadvantages of the CORBA are as follows:

  • The CORBA is a developing technology and it is totally not matured.
  • It does not have many parameters that are necessary for the large scale application.
  • C CORBA2.0 does not have the sufficient security features.

Thus, it has the substantial cost of performance and due to it, it is not appropriate for activating communication services of the high performance.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for CORBA

  • What is CORBA?
  • The Object Management Group (OMG)
  • CORBA History
  • CORBA Architecture
  • Applications
  • Some major projects using CORBA
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Conclusion

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