Bluejacking PPT Presentation Seminar pdf report free download: Bluejacking is based on Bluetooth technology, vCard, OBEX protocol. It can be used in many fields and for various purposes. It can be defined as the practice through messages are sent between the mobile users with the use of a Bluetooth wireless connection. The users can send the message that can include the pictures to all the users within the range of 100 meters.

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There is no involvement of a carrier and that’s why it costs nothing to the users. Lots of people might think that it involves the device hijacking considering its name, but in reality, the bluejacker can only send unsolicited messages to the users. The people often get confused the Bluejacking with the Bluesnarfing that is the method to hack someone’s mobile illegally through Bluetooth. However, the Bluejacking has no relation to the hacking of a phone.

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Bluejacking PPT Presentation Seminar pdf report

Working of Bluejacking

A device can send or receive the Bluejacking devices if it’s Bluetooth is enabled. The users can send the messages from the sending device anonymously to the people who are within the range and open to receive it. Generally, the bluejacking is common in the areas having the high population to the people whose mobile phones and Bluetooth are enabled. The perfect example of such type of areas is mobile phone stores, restaurants, shopping malls, airports, railway stations, etc. The users just have to enable the Bluetooth on their phone and they will able to receive the contacts, messages, and other important things from the phone of the other users by using the Bluehacking.

Prevention against the Bluejacking

In order to protect yourself from Bluejacking, you should disable the Bluetooth on your mobile device while not using it. It won’t show up on the phone of the Bluejacker when he or she try to send a message.

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Important tips for the Bluetooth Enabled Devices

It doesn’t matter whether someone does not wants to get bothered by the unwilling g messages or to partake in Bluejacking, the following tips should be considered:

  1. While sending or receiving the Bluejacked messages, never reveal an identity.
  2. You should delete the message voice accepting if a Bluejacking message is received. If you don’t, it will be added to the address book of your device.
  3. If you receive a Bluejacked message, never tell your personal information in response to the user.
  4. Don’t threaten anyone using a Bluejacked message.
  5. Don’t send the abusive messages to anyone.

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Guide to Bluejack a Device

In order to Bluejack a device, you need to follow below steps:

Step First

First of all, you have to create a contact on your phone’s contact list.

Step Two

After that, enter a Bluejacking message in the space in the name field. It can be anything such as I am a Bluejacking expert or I am a pro in Bluejacking.

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Step Three

Select the new contact and choose the option “Send via Bluetooth” in the menu. The major use of this option is to forward contacts to the other mobile phones.

Step Four

A list of devices that are in its range will be shown on the phone. However, if the phone doesn’t show the device, that means it is not in the range of a Bluetooth-enabled device. In that case, choose a contact from the list and send a message.

Step Six

The users need to be aware of the security laws of the place if they are Bluejacking other devices. There may be a chance that sending unsolicited messages through Bluejacking may be illegal in some locations.

In General, the Bluetooth on the mobile phones have a very limited range, i.e. nearly 10 meters, but the Bluetooth on the laptops has a big range up to 100 meters because they have powerful transmitters.

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 Future Aspects

  • Act as a major sales tool
  • Learn user preferences by placing options like “more ads like this” and “less ads like this” in each advertisement.

What are the major differences between Bluejacking & Bluesnarfing?

                   Bluejacking             Bluesnarfing
It is completely legal to send messages between two Bluetooth devices connected with each other using Bluejacking technology.Bluesnarfing means hacking someone’s information illegally between two devices connected through Bluetooth.
The person who uses this technology is called BluejackerIndividual who uses this technology is called Bluesnarfer
Bluejacker sends the information.Bluesnarfer receives the information.
Tracing of Bluejacker is difficult, but easier than BluesnarferBluensarfer tracing is far more difficult than the Bluejacker.


Because of its low cost and power consumption this technology has a great future ahead. Bluejacking is a technique by which we can interact with new people. It has also the ability to rebellion market by sending advertisement about the product, enterprise etc.

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Content of Bluejacking PPT Presentation Seminar pdf report

  • Introduction
  • Bluejacking Technology
  • Architecture
  • Technical Features
  • How to Bluejack
  • Usage of bluejacking
  • Related concepts
  • Future aspects
  • Conclusion
  • Reference

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