Digital Watermarking Seminar and PPT with pdf report: The invention of the internet has brought the wide range of opportunities in creating and delivering the content in a digital form, this feature is available in the applications like electronic advertising, real-time audio and video delivery and digital libraries and repositories and also the web publishing. A vital problem with all these applications is the defending of the rights of all the users, the present copyright laws are unsuitable with the dealing of digital information. Due to this parameter, the copy deterrence and protection techniques were developed and one among such is a digital watermark mechanism.

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Digital Watermarking Seminar PPT with pdf report

The digital watermarking or watermarking explains the ways and mechanisms to hide the data and the data can be a number or text, in digital media, it may be a picture or video. The watermarking is a message that can be embedded into the digital data like video, pictures, and text and the embedded data can be extracted later. The steganography is also another form of watermarking and in this, the messages are hidden in the content without making the people to note its presence. The Indian currency is a good example of watermarking and in the general watermarking procedure the genuine image undergoes the embedding procedure along with the watermark and the output generated will be a watermarked image.

History of Watermarking:

Nearly 700 years ago, the watermarking was used in Italy by a paper producing mill, at the end of 19th century, the term watermarking was initially introduced. In the year of 1988, Komatsu and Tominaga were the foremost to use the term digital watermarking.

Types of Watermarking:

The digital watermarking is of four types and they are as follows:

  • Visible
  • Invisible
  • Fragile
  • Public
  1. Visible watermarking: the visible watermarking have the visible message or the logo of the company which represents the ownership of the message, removing of the logo and meddling of the logo breaks the law of copyright.
  2. Invisible watermarking: the invisible watermarking cannot be seen on the original images and the picture looks like an original image though it has the watermark. The invisible watermark can be extracted with the detection procedure or with any watermark extraction method.
  3. Fragile watermark: the fragile watermarks can be demolished by the data manipulation and these are also called as tamper proof watermark. The fragile watermark has the ability to detect the modifications in the signal and also recognizes the place where the modifications have occurred and also the signal before the change.
  4. Public watermark: The public watermark does not have the protection and these can be read by everyone by availing the unique algorithm.       

Attributes associated with the Watermarking:

The various attributes associated with the watermarking are as follows:

  • Imperceptibility
  • Robustness
  • Security
  • Complexity
  • Verification
  1. Imperceptibility: The imperceptibility means that the watermark should not be visible to the human visible system as the watermark should look like genuine.
  2. Robustness: The robust meaning is nothing but the strength of the watermark to obstruct the manipulations of the media like the compression, scaling and cropping. The definition of the robustness explains that the watermark can be detected after the operations on te content, the operations are like filtering, compression, color correction and geometrical changes.
  3. Security: The security is nothing but the integrated watermark and cannot be removed by the attacks and the images possessing this feature does not reveal any clue about the presence of the watermark in it.
  4. Complexity: The complexity explains about the difficulty and the time needed for the watermark embedding.
  5. Verification: The verification is a process and it has a private key function or a public key function.

Techniques of Watermarking:

The techniques of watermarking are as follows:

  1. Watermarking for text: The techniques for the watermarking of text are as below
  • Word space coding
  • Line shift coding
  • Feature coding
  1. Watermarking for images: The techniques for the watermarking of images are as below
  • Special domain watermarking
  • Frequency domain watermarking

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The applications of the watermarking are as follows:

  • In the field of information security, these watermarks play a vital role in protection, certification, and authentication.
  • The watermarking is also used in the tampering of the images.
  • The data can be protected from copying as it has the feature of copy prevention or control.


The advantages of the watermarking are as follows:

  • It permits the embedding of arbiter data into the digital media like images and videos.
  • The watermarking is highly secured.
  • The product of the embedding process is also a digital medium.
  • The misuses of the watermarking are detectable and they are even traceable.


The disadvantages of the watermarking are as follows:

  • The visible watermarks can be easily removed.
  • Still, the robust watermarking procedure does not exist.
  • The owners can remove the watermarks easily.


Digital watermarking is a very valuable technique useful enough for hiding the data in digital media. The users can enjoy a great of things by using this technique adequately. No matter, it is Indian currency or genuine image processing, this technique can be greatly useful in a variety of ways.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Digital Watermarking

  • Introduction
  • History
  • Types of watermark
  • Attributes associated with watermarking
  • Techniques
  • Applications
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Conclusion
  • References

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