Steganography Seminar and PPT with pdf report: The term steganography is taken from the Greek language and it means the covered writing, it is an art of hiding the data within the innocuous carriers. In broad explanation, the steganography is mainly used for hiding the information within the images. The hidden data in the steganography can be a text, cipher data or the images; it is an art and also a science of hiding the data by integrating the messages within one another.

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Steganography Seminar PPT with pdf report

It is a science of exchanging the information in a method that hides the existence of exchanging the information. If compared with the cryptography, in the cryptography the enemies are permitted to detect, intercept and change messages without violating certain premises and the target of steganography is to hide the information within other messages that does not permit the enemies to even know that there are secret messages present. The general principle in the steganography is by replacing the high entropy noise with a strong entropy secret transmission.

Steganography Vs Cryptography:

Both the steganography and cryptography are of similar nature and are used for defending the information. The cryptography mechanism uses the scramble messages and they cannot be understood if they get intercepted and the techniques or mechanisms of the steganography work on hiding the messages, from this we can say that the encrypted messages may get the doubt while the invisible messages won’t get it. The steganography cannot be finding out and so it can be used when the encryption is not allowed.

Evolution of Steganography:

The evolution of steganography can be explained with the below parameters:

  • Code breakers
  • Invisible ink
  • Microdots
  1. Codebreakers: The code breakers explain about the battle of codes and ciphers.
  2. Invisible ink: A general letter may have a different message written in between the lines with the invisible ink and the invisible ink may be milk, vinegar, and fruit juice or urine.
  3. Microdots: The technology of microdots was developed by the Germans and this applied science also works in the hiding of the messages.

Types of the Steganography:

The steganography are of four types and they are as follows:

  • Messages in text
  • Messages in still images
  • Messages in audio
  • Messages in video
  1. Messages in the text: The messages in text program are also called as SPAM MIMIC and the messages can be hidden in a form of text reframing the text of the carrier file.
  2. Messages in still images: The messages in the still images are a very popular tool in outguess.
  3. Messages in audio: The messages in the audio information in the layer III of the encoding process of MP3 file and the messages in the audio are sent along the noise.
  4. Messages in a video: The messages in the video integrating data into the multimedia have got the attention very slowly. The video files are the best carrier files as they have more irrelevant bits.

Dissecting Steganography:

All the color pixels are created with a combination of red, green and blue mode i.e. RGB mode and each RGB component has eight bits. If the letters in the ASCII are needed to be represented in the color pixels then the least significant bit which is abbreviated as LSB i.e. the rightmost bit has to be changed. For example, if it is necessary to hide the word ‘digit’ in an image then LSB of every color is taken and each bit of the word is hidden in its RGB combination.

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Steps for hiding an image by using Steganography:

The steps involved in hiding an image by using the steganography are as follows:

  • Initially start Stool and windows explorer by availing the drag and drop interface for the collection of programs.
  • After this, drag the image that you are using as a carrier file from the explorer and drop it on the actions tool in the Stool.
  • In the next step, drag and drop the information file on the carrier file.
  • After completing the above steps, give the passphrase and step by step procedure if needed, send all these to the receiver also.
  • Now, the hidden file is ready and the receiver has to press on the “reveal” button to get the data.

What are the applications of steganography?

The major areas where steganography applicable is mentioned below:

  • Having confidential communication and storage of secret data.
  • Giving protection to the data alteration
  • Providing a control system for better distribution of digital content.
  • It is hugely used in the media database systems

Advantages of the Steganography:

The advantages of the steganography are as below:

  • The steganography is for protecting the data, such as in the field of media where the copywriting ensures the authentication.
  • The steganography can be used by the intelligence agencies for transmitting their secret information.

Disadvantages of the Steganography:

The disadvantages of the steganography are as follows:

  • By using the steganography mechanism many terrorist and have anti-humanist activities have occurred.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Steganography

  • What is Steganography
  • Steganography v/s Cryptography
  • Evolution
  • Types
  • Dissecting Steganography
  • Steps for Hiding an Image Steganography
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages

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