Cryptography PPT Presentation Seminar with pdf report: Cryptography is the practice and the study of concealing the information and it furnishes confidentiality, integrity, and exactness. Cryptography is used to defend the data and to defend the data and to define it in the simple and easy words, it is an art of writing and solving the codes.

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Cryptography is a science that uses the mathematics to encrypt and decrypt the information; it empowers to save the sensitive data. This feature of cryptography provides security and makes only the aimed recipient to read the data. So, it is also called as a science of defending or protecting data and the cryptanalyst is called as attackers, the cryptology includes both the cryptography and cryptanalyst.

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Cryptography PPT Presentation Seminar with pdf report

A Purpose of cryptography:

The main purpose of cryptography is to defend the transmitted information and it plays an important role in the following:

  • Authentication
  • Data confidentiality
  • Data integrity
  • Non-repudiation
  1. Authentication: The process to verify the identification of an entity will be based on the passwords or cards or biometric measurements which include the recognition of the voice and retinal scan.
  2. Data confidentiality: The data confidentiality is a property in which the data is made unavailable to the unauthorized users. When two or users involves in a process of exchanging the information then the data confidentiality should guarantee the exchange of information only between these users. It is regulated by the encryption.
  3. Data integrity: The property of data integrity refers to the information which is unchanged or secured in an accidental way. The requirement of data integrity is a unique proof if the information is sent across an unsecured network like the internet because the person in the middle can easily attack the data on the internet. The integrity is regulated by mathematical functions and is applied to the transmitting messages.
  4. Non-repudiation: The non-repudiation mechanism is used to verify that the sender genuinely sent the message or not. The non-repudiation is of two types and they are as follows:
  • Non-repudiation with proof of origin
  • Non-repudiation with proof of receipt

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The non-repudiation with proof of origin furnishes the recipient of information with proof that proves the origin of the information.

The non-repudiation with proof of receipt furnishes the originator of information with proof furnishing that information was received according to the address.

Types of Cryptography:

Some of the basic types of cryptography are as follows:

  • Symmetric cipher
  • Public key cryptography
  • One time pad
  • Steganography
  1. Symmetric cipher: The symmetric cipher is used for encryption and decryption of the data and is also called as the symmetric key. The people who want to read the data must have the key and the sender should the key on a protected line, the matter is that when you send the key over a protected line then why not the information?
  2. Public key cryptography: In this type of cryptography, one key is used for the encryption of the data and the other is used for the decryption of the data. The combination of these two keys is called as a key pair, one among these keys is called as a private key or secure key and this should be protected. The other key is called as the public key and it can be given to anybody.

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The private key cryptography is used for both the encryption and decryption, both the receiver and transmitter should know this key and it is mostly used in sending the quick messages. The public key is a key which can be given to everyone and an example of it is an email address of a person. The public key is used to send the messages secretly.

  1. One time pad: This type of cryptography provides the best encryption in the world, the sender and receiver need to have the copy of the identical pad i.e. a group of random numbers and in this cryptography, the transmission takes place over a secure line. The one-time pad is same as the symmetric key but this gets destroyed after a single use.
  2. Steganography: Steganography is a science of hiding the data from the snoopers, a main difference between the steganography and encryption is that the snoopers will not be able to identify the hidden data in the foremost place. For example, the picture files have huge unused space in them and this helps in transmitting the hidden information.

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Attacks of cryptography:

The main intention of an attacker is to divide the cryptosystem and search the plaintext from the ciphertext. The attacks on cryptosystem are categorized as below:

  • Ciphertext-only attack
  • Known plaintext attack
  • Chosen plaintext attack
  • Chosen ciphertext attack
  • Dictionary attack
  • Brute force attack
  • Birthday attack
  • Man in middle attack
  • Side channel attack
  • Timing attacks
  • Power analysis attacks
  • Fault analysis attacks

In this, we use various types of step by step procedures to establish the security services in various mechanisms.

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Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Cryptography

  • Introduction
  • What is Cryptography?
  • Purpose Of cryptography
  • Architecture of cryptography
  • Types of Cryptography
  • Process of cryptography
  • Types Of cryptography Algorithms
  • Attacks of cryptography
  • Conclusion
  • References

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