Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Seminar and PPT with pdf report: Nowadays searching is an action that is mostly used on the internet and the equipment for the searching is the search engines which are very famous and are mostly used by the people. Because of all these reasons, it is necessary to have knowledge about search engines in ordinary people and also for webmasters. Webmasters avail major search engines for submitting their own sites and ordinary people also avail major search engines for their necessary searching and submitting of small sites or homepages.

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SEO Seminar PPT with pdf report

The present time is the best time for internet marketing and search engine optimization, search engine optimization is a mechanism with the aid of which we can take our website in the search results. The use of search engine optimization brings a better rank to the website in the search engine and it is a strong web marketing mechanism. It helps to enhance the website’s rank as well as traffic from the search engines and we do not need to pay anything that is related to the search engine optimization.

The search engines became popular because whenever an ordinary person needs some information the first thing he/she will do is searching the required data on the search engine to get the URL of it and this happens every time whenever we want or need any information or data. Now, coming to the webmasters, they also need the data or information at the time of preparing their sites for the web and for that they use the search engine.

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After completing the work they submit the URL of the finished work to many search engines and after submitting it they need to check the ranking of their URL’s in every search engine. Along with these things we get many important things and hot news on the major search engines and the search engines are used by the ordinary and also the professional people, all these features makes the search engine very popular among all. As a user, everyone should know about the avail of search engines and there are two ways of searching. The ways of searching are as follows:

  • By using the user’s query
  • By using the categories
  1. By using the user’s query: The use of users query suits best when we have some keywords which describe the theme we need. At the time of using the user’s query, we have to type in the box and click on the search button, after that we will get the options and we can select the necessary URL.
  2. By using the categories: The use of categories suits best when we need the theme and we don’t have any keywords or phrases related to it. At the time of using the categories, we have to select the category that explains the theme we need and after that select the required theme from the subcategory. This action will be repeated until we get the required theme we need.

 History of SEO:

The internet technology has brought a revolutionary change in the field of technology and in people’s life too, now people can hardly imagine a life without the use of the internet in their day to day life. Talking of the websites then it has different tools including the websites and search engines initially evolved in 1990’s when Google got popularity as the foremost search engine. Today these search engines are making billions of dollars a year as they are largely used websites in the world and in the future there will still be much advancement to be brought in the search engines.

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Different Types of Search Engines:

The different types of search engines are as follows:

  • Crawler-based search engine
  • Human-powered directories
  • Meta-search engines
  1. Crawler-based search engines: The crawler-based search engines are the search engines like Google, Alta vista, and All the web, these websites make the listings automatically by a software to crawl the web and then make a list of all the site that it has searched.
  2. Human-power directories: The human powered directories are directories like yahoo directory, open directory and look smart, these depend on the human editors to make their listing.
  3. Meta-search engine: The meta-search engines are the search engines like Dogpile, mamma, and Metacrawler, these search engines send the user supplied keywords at the same time to many individuals search engines for searching the required theme.

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Working on Search Engine Optimization:

The working of search engine optimization like Google is as follows:

  • Google gain knowledge about the URLs and then include all those URLs to its crawl scheduling system, it deduces the group of things and then rearranges the list of URLs in an order that describes the priority and then crawls in the priority order. It allots the priority depending on all the factors.

Challenges faced by the Search Engines:          

  • The web is enhancing much faster than any other applied science and the search engines can be indexed.
  • Many web pages need frequent updating and this makes the webmasters to visit the search engines from time to time.
  • The sites that are produced dynamically might be very low.

Hence, from the above parameters, we can say that search engine optimization is very helpful and gainful for small and large businesses.

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Table of Content for SEO PPT

  • Introduction
  • History
  • Search Engine Basics
  • Why you should use SEO
  • How it Works
  • Architecture of seo
  • Types of SEO
  • Advantage
  • Disadvantage
  • Key concepts
  • Conclusion
  • References

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