THERMAL POLLUTION PDF and PPT: When the quality of water is degraded as a result of the modification in close water temperature it’s referred to as pollution that affects the water quality and that type of water termed anomaly for consumption is significantly for drinking purposes. A rise in the optimum water temperature through a method (steel factories, power homes, and energy plants) might even be stated as “Thermal Pollution.” Many industries produce their own power and avail water in cooling the generator. This hot water is discharged into a system from where it completely was drawn, inflicting a warming trend of surface water.

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Major effects of thermal pollution

Few major effects of thermal pollution are explained below:                 

  • Contamination of water
  • Depleted level of oxygen in natural water
  • The thermal shock results in an increase in temperature in water bodies
  • Decreased solubility of oxygen
  • Adverse effect on water plants
  • Adverse effect on water animals
  • Unexpected migration of water animals
  • Unfavorable effect on water biodiversity
  • Effect on the population of water animals
  • Disturbance in biological activities of water animals

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Causes of pollution

The below diagram explains the important causes of thermal pollution and those are:

Fig1: Chief Causes of Thermal Pollution

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Management of Thermal Pollution

  • Theoretically speaking, an engine once works at one hundred percent capability it releases heat at its full level and it’s cooled by the water that eventually returns into water bodies inflicting pollution. Therefore we have a tendency to can’t recommend the operation of Associate in Nursing engine below its full capability and however through maximizing the potency of warmth engine this menace of pollution is reduced slighter and this can be its solely answer.
  • Moreover for the effective management of pollution by a thermal method, whereas manufacturing power mechanical friction in rotating components ought to be reduced, energy ought to be consumed to a minimum level and use of civil atomic energy ought to be promoted because it releases less dioxide.

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Sources of Thermal Pollution

The various causes of pollution are as follows:

  • Coal-fired Power Plants: Few thermal power plants avail coal as fuel. Power plants which use coal represent the key supply of pollution.
  • Industrial Effluents: Industries producing electricity require a great deal of cooling water for warmth removal. Alternative industries like textile, pulp, paper, and sugar business conjointly release heat in water, however to a lesser extent.
  • Atomic power plants: Nuclear power plants release an oversized quantity of unused heat and traces of virulent radio nuclear into close water streams.
  • Domestic Sewage: Domestic sewerage is commonly discharged into rivers, canals, and lakes with­out waste treatment. The municipal water sewerage ordinarily contains a higher tem­perature than receiving water. With the rise in temperature of the receiving water the dissolved atomic number 8 content (DO) decreases and therefore the demand of oxygen will increase and anaerobic conditions occur.

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Controlling Thermal Pollution

Control of pollution is important as its prejudicious effects on an aquatic system could also be prejudicious in the future. Viable solutions to chronic thermal discharge into water bodies are explained below:

  • Cooling Ponds: Cooling ponds or reservoirs represent the best technique of dominant thermal discharges. This is often the best and most cost-effective technique which helps in losing the heat of the water to a substantial low tem­perature. However, the technique alone is a smaller amount fascinating and inefficient in terms which tell about air-water contact.
  • Cooling Towers: Availing water sources of water for cooling functions, with consequent come back to the water body once going through the condenser is called as the cooling method. So as to form the cooling method more practical, cooling towers are made to regulate the temperature of water. Well, cooling towers are availed to dissipate the recovered waste heat thus on eliminate the issues of pollution.
  • Artificial Lake: These lakes are artificial bodies of water that supply attainable various to once-through cooling. The warmth is eventually dissipated through vaporization. These artificial lakes have to be compelled to be rejuvenated ceaselessly. A variety of ways is prompt and developed for changing the liquid waste discharged from power plants into helpful heat resources for maximizing the advantages.

Along with this, below are the preventive measures to control thermal pollution:

  • Using less electricity
  • Using better-applied sciences
  • Holding back the water for good
  • Planting more trees on banks of water bodies
  • Spreading awareness among people
  • Recycling used water
  • Cogeneration
  • Suitable arrangements in urban areas

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Below diagram explains about cumulative emission of carbon dioxide by distinct countries from 1750 – 2006:

Fig2: Cumulative Carbon Dioxide Emission

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