Natural Resources PPT | PDF Free To Download: The natural resources may be defined as any material given to us by nature which can be transformed in a way that it becomes more valuable and useful.

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Natural Resources PPT | PDF Free To Download

Natural Resources

Fig1: Natural Resources

Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources:

There are nine important areas of energy resources and they come into two categories which are as follows:

  • Renewable resources
  • Non-renewable resources

The energy sources like coal, natural gas, nuclear and oil fall into nonrenewable resources as they are available in a finite quantity. This is because it takes much in furnishing a new supply of these resources. Now, coming to the renewable resources then the energy resources which come under them are geothermal energy, wind energy, solar energy, biomass, and hydro energy. These resources are provided by nature and it doesn’t take much time in their production. The limited sources of energy quickly replaced the important sources of energy which are wind, water, and solar energy.  

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Forest Resources:

Forests are one of the most vital natural resources on this earth. They furnish many environmental services which are essential for life. About 1/3rd of the earth’s land is covered with forests. The natural forests have been reduced over the years. The major losses occurred in tropical Asia where 1/3rd of the forest resources have been destroyed.

Commercial uses of a forest: The commercial uses of forest area in the following:

  • Food
  • Fuel
  • Timber
  • Paper
  • Domestic and useful products
  • Shelter

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Ecological uses of a forest: The ecological uses of forest are the following:

  • Production of oxygen
  • Reduces global warming
  • Wildlife habitat
  • Regulation of hydrological cycle
  • Soil conversation
  • Pollution moderators
  1. Production of oxygen: The trees produce oxygen.
  2. Reduces global warming: The forests absorb the greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide and reduces global warming.
  3. Regulation of hydrogen cycle: Forested watersheds acts like giant sponges, absorbs the rainfall slow down the runoff and slowly release the water for recharge of springs. About 50-80% of the moisture in the air comes from forest transpiration which aids in bringing rains.
  4. Soil conservation: Forests bind the soil particles tightly in their roots and avoid soil erosion.
  5. Pollution moderators: Forests can absorb many toxic gasses and aids in keeping the air pure.

Water Resources:

Water resources are the water sources that are useful to all living organisms to exist. Water has distinct uses and some of them are as follows:

  • Agricultural
  • Industrial
  • Household
  • Environmental activities
  • Recreational

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Human beings need fresh water for their requirements and only 2% of the water on the earth is n the form of freshwater bodies and in that also two-third of it is in the form of polar ice caps and glaciers. Day by day the demand of water is increasing and it is expected to increase more in the future. The change in climate also furnishes a major impact on water resources because the climate and hydrological cycles are closely related to each other.

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Mineral Resources:

Minerals furnish most of the materials which are used to drive machines in industries and vehicles on the roads. The demand for minerals is increasing at a fast rate with the increase in population and also with the increase in their consumption. Types of mineral resources are as below:

  • Fuel minerals
  • Metallic and non-metallic minerals

Food Resources:

The world generates enough food and products of agriculture which more than sufficient but still many parts of the world is suffering from the lack of food and the main reason for this is the change in climate. The present situation of food resources is defined by few modern driving forces and they are responsible for changing the food production, food markets, and food consumption. They are as below:

  • Globalization
  • Climate change
  • Urbanization
  • Prices of energy

In the causes of world food problems has few factors and in them, the decline in the availability of water and overgrazing are the two factors. The decline in the availability of water warns everyone that there will be a lack of water in the agricultural land by 2050. Overgrazing tells about the enhancement in the cattle production which heavily graze the forests or grasslands and this leads to the denude the land area.

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Content of the PPT and PDF for Natural Resources

  • What are Natural Resources?
  • Value of Natural Resources
  • Types of Natural Resources
  • Uses of Natural Resources
  • Major problems with Natural Resource conservation
  • Policy gaps
  • Reference

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