Water Pollution PPT Presentation Seminar Download- At present, water scarcity is a global difficulty in the world because many countries are suffering from this difficulty as many freshwater bodies, oceans, and seas are polluted by humankind. Water pollution is the impure or unclean state of all water bodies like lakes, rivers, groundwater, aquifers, and oceans; it happens when contaminants are unloaded into water bodies in a direct way or indirect way.

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Water Pollution PPT Presentation

If water gets polluted then it not only affect living organisms in water bodies but also affects living organisms on the ground and natural biological communities because all surviving things need water. We know that 75% of the earth is covered with water and in that only 2% of water is freshwater which is used for drinking and for other purposes but mismanagement of water resources created difficulty called water scarcity and this problem is not only in India but also in all over the world.

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Along with the above difficulties, in the modern world industries are increasing and these are major sources of polluting water because all the waste discharged by industries are discharged into water bodies and along with this, major contributors of polluted water are explained in the following figure:


Fig1: major contributors of water pollution

Well, oceans are major water bodies and human beings and their mismanagement is even polluting water in oceans and polluting oceans are like damaging a huge part of nature. The contaminants which are polluting water in the oceans are neatly explained with the help of a diagram and it is as below:

contaminants entering ocean

Fig2: contaminants entering the ocean

If we observe in urban areas, then water in those areas gets polluted in many distinct ways. A few of the most usual reasons are being leaky joints of water pipe where the sewage line and water pipes are side-by-side and with water get polluted; avoiding such things will reduce water pollution. The groundwater areas and surface water areas are polluted with nutrients which have a reverse effect on the health of people, with persistent organic pollutants and heavy metals.

Management of water resources makes people suffer from water-borne diseases and other health difficulties, mostly urban areas get pure water than rural areas because people in urban areas can afford expensive prices of pure water and whereas people in rural areas cannot and this should be avoided, all segments of society should get equal and fair distribution. The below graph explains the water quality trend of river Ganga and it is as follows:

trend of water quality in river Ganga

Fig3: the trend of water quality in river Ganga

Well, till now we have discussed a lot about water pollution and now let us explain the measurement water pollution in distinct countries and it is like highest in South Korea and lowest in Indonesia, after South Korea, China and Japan stand behind it in terms of water pollution.


Sources Polluting Ground Water:

There are various which are polluting groundwater and few of them are as follows:

  • Pesticides
  • Nutrients
  • Sewage
  • Acidification
  • Synthetic organics
  1. Pesticides: the runoff from golf courses, farms, and backyards has pesticides like DDT and they contaminate water; from landfill sites, leachate also pollutes water. This contamination affects the ecosystem, the health of living organisms and even damages the reproductive system of wildlife.
  2. Nutrients: huge avail of fertilizers causes nitrate pollution of groundwater and nitrate levels in drinking water reach more than safety level. So, fair practices of agriculture can aid in decreasing nitrate amount in soil and also decreases its volume in water.
  3. Sewage: organic material that is unloaded with municipal waste into water avails substantial oxygen for the purpose of degradation and this damages the ecological balance of rivers and lakes.
  4. Synthetic organics: synthetic compounds that are in avail are found in the aquatic environment and also collected in a food chain.
  5. Acidification: the difficulty of acidification is very severe in the United States and some parts of Europe.

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Chemicals in Drinking Water:

There are few naturally occurring chemicals in the water or they are introduced by human beings and they damage the health of living organisms and few of such chemicals are as follows:

  • Fluoride
  • Lead
  • Petrochemicals
  • Chlorinated solvents
  • Arsenic
  • Recreational avail of water
  • Other heavy metals

Pollution Management and Control:

Everyone should follow rules in order to control pollution and save nature, few things which aid in preventing water pollution are as follows:

  • Like washing a car away from water drains.
  • Do not unload chemicals or solvents into the drains of sewage.
  • Septic system should be inspected every 3-5 years.
  • Avail non-hazardous materials for cleaning.
  • Do not wash the brushes of paint in sinks.
  • Waste holding tanks should be pumped on tanks.
  • The driveway should be swiped.

Therefore, pollution can be reduced by following the below practices:

  • Composting
  • Preventing
  • Recycling
  • Reusing
  • Mitigating
  • Minimizing waste

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This is the table of content, we are going to discuss in this Water Pollution PPT Presentation Seminar

  • What is water pollution?
  • Major types of pollutants, sources, and effects
  • Point and nonpoint sources
  • Is the water safe to drink?

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