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Pollution, whenever we talk about pollution then the major things we get in our mind is water pollution and air pollution. Our reactions on these parameters are also very strong because we see the damages and changes occurred by them in our daily lives with very clear and it is a common nature of human beings in believing the things which they see and observe. But it does mean that we are not having many damages due to land pollution, in fact, this land pollution and its damages are not less than a night mare to all of us.

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If we talk about a present situation then land pollution has become a very serious problem that it won’t be solved until we don’t fight against it. Land pollution, in other words, is nothing but degradation, damage to the surface of the earth and its soil because of human activities. This difficulty became a serious issue due to all of us because we neglected it and realized after many decades. There is an enhancement of barren land lot and decrement in forest cover area.

The increase in a number of cities and towns due to enhancement in a population are also the reasons for land pollution. Reclamations are being planned and executed; along with it landfills are also being planned and executed to meet the demand of land. A land gets polluted even due to lack of green cover on land which results in soil erosion.

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Causes of Land Pollution:   

Below explained are few causes of land pollution:

  • Deforestation and soil erosion
  • Mining activities
  • Agricultural activities
  • Overcrowded landfills
  • Construction activities
  • Industrialization
  • Nuclear waste
  • Sewage treatment
  1. Deforestation and soil erosion: Deforestation which makes dry land is one of the major reasons of land pollution. In this, we need to observe that once a land becomes dry or barren then it cannot be regained i.e. it will be very difficult to regain its fertility.
  2. Mining activities: At the time of mining activities and extraction activities, many land spaces are made under the surface.
  3. Agricultural activities: With the increase in human population there is an increase in demand for food also. Farmers use toxic pesticides and chemicals to get rid of distinct types of insects and these types of practices result in poisoning of soil.
  4. Overcrowded landfills: Every household produces garbage and the garbage which cannot be recycled come under landfills and this damage beauty of a city and town and at the same time results inland pollution.
  5. Construction activities: Because of urbanization these days, construction activities are at a high rate and these activities generates waste particles at a high amount.
  6. Industrialization: There is an increase in population which results in an increase in food, shelter, and other required things. This requirement gave rise to industries and these industries require raw materials which lead to deforestation and also they produce a large amount of waste which has to be disposed of.
  7. Nuclear waste: Nuclear waste from a nuclear plant is dumped beneath surface of the earth for avoiding causality.
  8. Sewage treatment: After the treatment of sewage, huge amount of solid waste goes into landfills which lead to pollution of the environment.

Below diagrams explain about some more parameters that cause land pollution:


Fig1: Causes of Land Pollution

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Effects of Land Pollution:

Some effects of land pollution are explained below:

  • Change in climate patterns
  • Pollution of soil
  • Impact of environment
  • Effect on human health
  • Cause air pollution
  • Effect on wild life
  • Distraction of tourist

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Solutions for Land Pollution:

We can decrease pollution of land by practicing the following:

  • We have to reduce or decrease the use of fertilizers and pesticides in activities of agriculture.
  • We should make people aware about things like reduce, recycle, and reuse.
  • We have to decrease buying package items because they result in waste products and end up in sites of landfills.
  • We have to increase buying biodegradable products.
  • We have to properly dispose of garbage.
  • We have to encourage organic gardening.
  • We have to make dumping away from areas of residence.

Hierarchy of Pollution Prevention:

Below diagram is about preventing pollution in a hierarchy order:


Fig2: Pollution Prevention Hierarchy

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Content of the Seminar and PDF for Land Pollution PPT

  • What is Land Pollution?
  • Causes
  • Effects
  • Solution
  • Conclusion
  • References

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