Leadership PPT | PDF | Power Point Presentation: At present, leadership is one among the most discussed problems in a firm or company, nation, and business; at the same time, it has become very difficult to turn on a television set, read a newspaper or anything else without coming across distinct leaders, leadership and leading people. Well, there isn’t any particular definition of leadership and doesn’t have any general agreement among people on the feature of enhancing leaders and their leadership qualities.

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Leadership PPT | PDF | Power Point Presentation

Leadership is a theme that has been in discussion and also in people’s interest from ancient days itself, ancient philosophers of Greek-like Socrates and Plato are superabundance gurus of leadership and management. It is said that, in this transforming world, leadership not only has solutions for firms and individual people but also furnishes solutions to nations, sectors, and regions. Grint recognizes four difficulties which make unanimity on a usual leadership definition and those difficulties are as follows:

  • Initially there is a problem about process whether the leadership qualities of a leader are derived from his/her own personal qualities or not.
  • Next question which required a solution is about a position of a leader.
  • A third thing that is needed to be worked out is about philosophy because it is also important to know that whether a leader employs an ordinary influence on follower’s behavior or attempt for an international influence.
  • The final thing of difficulty that has to be worked out is about the purity of a leader.

Along with all the parameters which are theoretical disputes, Grint also includes distinct features like attitude and compelling. The huge history behind us reminds everyone that leadership isn’t a concept of moral because leaders who possess a quality of leadership are similar to the normal people, they are reliable and fraudulent, spineless and courageous, have eager desire and are magnanimous. So, blindly believing leaders is hazardous to human condition in few cases. In a modern theory of leadership, Northouse recognized four usual themes and they are as below:

  • Process of leadership
  • Involvement of influence in leadership
  • Occurrence of leadership in group context
  • Involvement of leadership in goal attainment

Leadership is a difficult phenomenon which handles various organizational processes, private processes and social processes; leadership is a quality whose footprints are everywhere but person nowhere to be seen.

Leadership and Management:

In the recent years, both the leadership and management have been marked as separate but the enhancing proofs show that this distinguishes feature may lead in a wrong way because leadership and management have similar functional properties but the way they perform activities are different and some of the functional activities are as below:

  • Making an agenda
  • Advancing people
  • Execution
  • Results

Now, let us see that how a leader and manager do functions on the above activities and they are as follows:

Leadership and Management

Talking more about leadership and management then leaders are people who possess the quality of leadership and perform right things, managers are people who possess the quality of management and perform things or activities in a correct manner.

Theories of Leadership:

Behaviors of leadership and styles of leadership are the factor that comes under the theories of leadership and are as follows:

  • Situational leadership
  • Distributed leadership
  • Transformational leadership
  • Servant and team leadership
  • Transactional leadership
  • Charismatic leadership

The below figure is about action-centered leadership and it explains about the needs that a leader needs to balance, figure is as follows:

action centered leadership

Fig: action-centered leadership

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Few key concepts of leadership are as follows:

  • Trait versus process leadership
  • Leadership and power
  • Assigned versus emergent leadership
  • Leadership and coercion
  • Management and leadership

Well, coming to the nature of leader and leadership, management and manager then they possess a very difficult nature.

More about Leadership:

The word “leadership” has variety of meanings and brings distinct of images in a people’s mind whenever they think about leadership because a person in a political party, an explorer in a jungle and an executive in a firm or organization all are leaders and possess leadership. It aids in making an inspiring vision of tomorrow, motivates every individual with a vision of the future, involves management in generating or producing of vision, and makes a strong and capable team that works on visions of tomorrow. It is very complex to define because it means distinct means to distinct people and many times, people who do best in their jobs are termed as leaders where actually they are good managers and this kind of thing should be avoided.

Content of the PPT and PDF for Leadership

  • Definition
  • Characteristics of Leadership
  • Significance
  • Leadership Styles
  • Leadership vs Management
  • Leadership Theories
  • Conclusion
  • References

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