Cyber Crime PPT Presentation Seminar with pdf report: Cyber crime can be defined as an illegal activity that is related to a computer and any other network operated device. In this type of crime, computer is the main thing used to commit an off sense.

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The computer technology may be used by the hackers or cyber criminals for getting the personal information, business trade secrets or any other important information for malicious or explosive purposes. In addition to this, the criminals also use the computers for the document, data storage or communication. The people who committed these types of crimes are generally referred as hackers.

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Cyber Crime PPT Presentation Seminar with pdf report

Experts debated on what exactly constitutes a computer crime or a computer related crime. Even after several years there is no internationally recognized definition of these terms. A global definition of computer crime has not been achieved. It is an illegal unethical or unauthorized behavior involving automatic processing or transmission of data”. There are three Categories of Cyber Crimes (a) Cyber crimes against persons (b) Cyber crimes against property (c) Cyber crimes againstthe government.

Types of Cyber Crime PPT


It can be defined as a network that consists of compromised computers. The remote attackers control them for performing illicit tasks such as attacking computers or sending spam to them. These bots can also be used for performing other internet crimes such as malware or carrying the malicious tasks. There are lots of Botnet Removal Tools that can help the users to detect and remove Botnets.

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Ransomware is one of the most common types of cyber crimes and known as one of the detestable malware-based attacks. It enters the computer network and encrypts the important files by using the public-key encryption. This encryption key remains on the server of the hacker. After that, the users whose computer get attacked are asked to pay huge ransoms for getting the private key.

Identity Theft

You often heard about the identity theft and fraud because it is the most common type of cyber crime. In this type of crime, the people purports to be some other person with a purpose of doing a fraud for having financial profits. However, when it is performed using the internet, then it is known as the online identity theft. The major source of this cyber crime is to steal the identifying information of any other person and used it for making financial gains.

Other types of cyber crimes

DDoS attacks, Spam, Phishing, Social Engineering and Malvertising.

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How to prevent cyber crime?

The prevention of cyber crime is a straightforward process and that’s why there are many attacks avoided by just having the little technical device and common sense. Have a look at the tips below on how to avoid cyber crime.

  • Make your system updated with the latest updates and patches

One of  theperfect ways to protect your computer from the attackers is to install the patches and other software fixes. You can block many attackers by updating your system regularly.

  • Have a security software on your computer

There is a need for many different types of security software for the basic protection. These essentials consist of firewall and antivirus programs.

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  • Use strong passwords

In today’s world, the passwords have become an important part of everyone’s life. That’s why the protection of these passwords has become essential to avoid online fraud. You should always select a password that no one can guess easily. Another important thing is to keep your password in a safe place and never use the same password for all the accounts.

  • Protect personal information

Always use caution while sharing your personal information such as phone number, address, name and email address online. Always keep eye on phony email messages and never respond to the email asking personal information.  In addition to this, always pay attention to the privacy policies of the websites and software.

  • Review your bank statements

Always try to review your bank account statements after every few days and looks for any additional charges for things that you haven’t done. Keep a track of your money.

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 Cyber Criminals

  • Kids (age group 9-16 etc.)
  • Organized hacktivists
  • Disgruntled employees
  • Professional hackers (corporate espionage)

What is the future of Cyber Crime?

According to recent researches & studies, the data breach will reach US$ 5 trillion by the middle of this decade. It means we can expect a sharp increase in cybercrime that will reach its top potential by 2025.

 Furthermore, the present technologies are also guiding us toward a solid cybercrime rate in the future. The malware attacks are going to hurt the technical world in a bad way for sure.

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Content of Cyber Crime PPT Presentation Seminar with pdf report

  • Introduction
  • What is Cyber Crime?
  • History of cyber crime
  • Categories of cyber crime
  • Types of cyber crime
  • Cyber criminals
  • Prevention
  • Conclusion

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