Computer Graphics Seminar and PPT with pdf report: Nowadays there are only some appearances and conditions that are not affected by the computers. Today wherever you see, you will find the existence of computers and even the cash transactions we do daily involves the devices like computers. The same is genuine or accurate for computer graphics, whether watching the television, reading the newspaper and books, in doctor’s surgery or in the weather reports; the images of the computer are all around us.

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Computer Graphics Seminar and PPT with PDF Report

There is a well known and famous saying “A picture is worth a thousand words,” from which the benefits of visual presentation of the represented information is beautifully explained. Everyone is capable of studying the features and interesting areas of the data they have can change a complicated table of numbers into graphs and that are used to exemplify papers, documents, and reports.

All these can be done by using the tools and with the help of that tools everyone is able to represent the data in the desired way and it is nothing but the computer graphics, along with that it furnishes the material to represent the data in a unique way. Computer graphics are used in many fields like in charting and presentations, drawing and paint, digital image processing and in much more.

Well, in these days everyone is fond of playing the video games on the phones, with a video game controller on the home television set, in laptops etc. The invention of all such video games has done with the help of computer graphics that aids to create and operate with the aid of the computers. It is involved with all aspects of generating images availing a computer and also involves with the pictorial representation of genuine or imaginary objects from the computer based models.


The early stage sciences are responsible for the growth of modern computer graphics are the developments in electrical engineering, electronics that occurred during the first half of the 20th century. In 1950’s the precursor projects like SAGE and much more brought the CRT as the visible display and interaction interface and proposed the light pen as an input machine.

The term “computer graphics” it was coined by the William Fetter in the year of 1960 and he was a graphic designer for Boeing. In 1970’s many of the ancient and vital breakthroughs brought a change in the field of graphics and were introduced at the University of Utah. In 1980’s the sophistication of computer graphics were seen and in 1990’s the 3D graphics were introduced. In 2000’s the computer graphics were utilized in video games and in cinemas too, in 2010’s the texture mapping has evolved with many layers of processing.


The computer graphics are divided into two types and they are as follows:

  • Non-interactive computer graphics
  • Interactive computer graphics
  1. Non-interactive computer graphics: The non-interactive computer graphics are also called as passive computer graphics, in this type of graphics the observer has no power over the images. The examples of non-interactive graphics are the images or pictures on TV, other computer arts.
  2. Interactive computer graphics: The interactive computer graphics furnishes the exchange of information between the computer and user or observer. In this, the user has power over the image by furnishing the observer or user with an input machine and an example of this is a video game controller.

The controller used by the user aids to send the request to the computer and when the computer receives the request then it changes the pictures accurately as per the request. To the observer or user, it appears that the pictures are changing according to his/her commands and in this way, it furnishes a communication between the user and the computer.

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  • The computer graphics has a wide range of applications like paint, animations software, CAD software, publishing of desktop and much more.
  • The interactive computer graphics are used in a number of indirect ways like in training the pilots, due to this the pilots get training on the ground by using the control of flight simulator.


The important advantages of computer graphics are as follows:

  • It furnishes tools for generating pictures not only of the real world objects but also to the complex objects like mathematical surface in 4D and to the information that have no geometrical structure like the results of a survey.
  • It has the capability to show the moving objects or images and this made the possibility to generate animations with the help of computer graphics.
  • The user can control the speed of animations, the details of the showing view and the geometrical relationship of the objects in the scene between one another by availing the computer graphics.
  • The computer graphics furnishes tool called motion dynamics, this helps for the motion of objects. An example of this is the walking of the builder to show the interior designs of the building and the surroundings of the building in a video game. In many of the cases, the movement of both the object and viewer are possible.
  • The computer graphics also furnishes a tool called update dynamics and this tool modifies the shape, color and other properties of the object.


  • The graphic presentations are very time-to consume.
  • The presentations become more effective if they are distraction free.
  • The presentations can be made better by using graphics or worse by using it.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Computer Graphics

  • Introduction
  • History
  • What is Computer Graphics
  • Types
  • Application
  • Users
  • Advantages
  • Conclusion

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