Green Marketing Seminar and PPT with pdf report: Green marketing contains the advancing and raising the rank of services and products which satisfy the wants and needs of customers for the parameters like performance, quality, low prices and also the convenience. The green marketing is a type of marketing of products which are environmentally worth having to others. This page consists Green Marketing Seminar and PPT with pdf report.

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Green Marketing Seminar PDF Report and PPT

Evolution of Green Marketing:

According to the peattie, development of green marketing has three phases and they all are as follows:

  • The initial phase is called as ecological green marketing and at this phase, the complete activities of marketing are concerned to aid issues of environment and furnish solutions for the issues of the environment.
  • The next phase is called as environment green marketing and at this phase, the major focus shifted on cleanly applied science which involves making of modern products that take care of problems like pollution and waste materials.
  • The final phase is called as sustainable green marketing and in the early 2000s; this phase came into existence or into the light.

Why Green Marketing?

At present, we have the finite resources and the desires of human beings are infinite. So, it is a vital parameter for the marketers to effectively make use of the resources by avoiding the wastage and along with it, they have to achieve the aim of firm or organization. Therefore, green marketing evolved and this tells us about developing a market for the products and services that are sustainable.

Benefits of Green Marketing:

The firms and organizations which develop modern and advanced services and products with the required environmental parameters access to the modern markets, enhance their sustainability of profit and along with all these, they also enjoy the competition with other firms or companies which do not focus on the environment inputs.

History of Green Marketing:

Green marketing is a term which came into conspicuousness in the late 1980s; the initial workshop on the ecological marketing was held in the year of 1975 by the American Marketing Association i.e. AMA. Green marketing’s foremost wave happened in the 1980s.

Popularity and Effectiveness of Green Marketing:

The factors that explain the popularity and effectiveness are as follows:

  • Statistics
  • Confusion and
  • Ongoing debate

Adoption of Green Marketing:

The most important reasons for which an organization will adopt the green marketing are as follows:

  • The opportunities or competitive benefit
  • The pressure of government
  • The pressure of competition
  • Cost or benefit problems
  • Corporate Social Responsibilities i.e. CSR

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Green Marketing Mix:

Each and every firm or company or an organization contains their own mix of marketing, like few contains 4Ps mix of marketing and few contains 7Ps mix of marketing i.e. marketing mix. The green marketing 4Ps are like the normal marketing but the challenge to the marketers of green marketing is to avail them in a creative and innovative way. The 4Ps of green marketing are as follows:

  • Product mix
  • Price mix
  • Promotion mix
  • Place mix

Simple Rules of Green Marketing:

There are five simple rules of green marketing and those rules are as follows:

  • Know your customer
  • Be transparent
  • Empower consumers
  • Reassure the buyers
  • Consider the pricing


Green marketing covers all the parameters and even it covers more than the marketing claims of an organization, an example of this is about McDonald’s because the McDonald’s is many times blamed for making the environment pollutant because their packaging ultimately goes as waste on the roadside.

So, the organizations or companies which are committed to reducing the environmental pollution not only generate goods which have decreased their impact on the environment but also make their employees to strictly follow the rules regarding the environment and protecting the environment. Therefore, all the companies should reduce activities that cause pollution and support the environmentally friendly activities. 

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Green Marketing

  • Introduction
  • Evolution of Green Marketing
  • Why Green Marketing?
  • Benefits of Green Marketing
  • Popularity and effectiveness
  • Green Marketing Mix
  • Five simple rules of green marketing
  • Conclusion
  • References

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