Drip Irrigation Seminar and PPT with pdf report: Irrigation is the operation of providing water to the land by artificial means for the intention of cultivation. Normally the land gets the water through the natural source like rain but the amount of water that the land gets through rain is insufficient for the plants to grow. You can download here Drip Irrigation Seminar and PPT with PDF Report.

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Drip Irrigation Seminar PPT with pdf report

The aim of irrigation is to include something to complete the natural supply of water and with this people can get the required yield from the agricultural land. So, if we desire to get this aim of irrigation then an irrigation system should be advanced and this advancement includes the parameters like:

  • Planning of the irrigation work
  • Designing, constructing of the irrigation work and
  • Maintenance, operation of the irrigation work

The parameters that oblige irrigation are as follows:

  • The inadequate rainfall
  • The rainfall should be distributed evenly
  • Many crops should be grown in a year
  • The growing of superior crops

What is Drip Irrigation?

The drip irrigation is also called as trickle irrigation or localized irrigation. The drip irrigation is a type of irrigation that stores water and also the fertilizer by permitting the water to slowly fall in drops either on the surface of the soil or onto the root field with the help of the equipment like valves, emitters and tubes, pipes. The drip irrigation is done via narrow tubes and these narrow tubes directly supply the water to the plant’s base.

Why should we use Drip Irrigation?

This technique of drip irrigation advances the healthy growth of plants and decreases the issue of a pest.

Methods of Irrigation:

The three common methods of drip irrigation are as follows:

  • Surface irrigation methods
  • Sprinkler irrigation methods
  • Sub-surface irrigation methods.
  1. Surface irrigation method: In the surface irrigation method the irrigation land gets the water through the small streams and this type of mechanism is mostly used in a perennial irrigation system.
  2. Sprinkler irrigation method: In the sprinkler irrigation method the irrigation land gets the water for cultivation through sprays and the water in the forms of spray looks like the natural rain. This type of irrigation system can be used for all the types of crops excluding rice and jute and is applied for all the type of soils excluding the heavy soils which have very fewer rates of filtration.
  3. Sub-surface irrigation method: In the sub-surface irrigation method the irrigation land gets the water at the plant’s root zone and the important advantage of this method is that the evaporation losses will be decreased and there will be the elimination of hindrance.

Advantages of the Drip Irrigation:

The advantages of the drip irrigation are as follows:

  • Reduced water use: In the drip irrigation the plant gets the water directly at the roots and this method does not furnish the water to total field area and makes the total field area wet. Hence, the usage of water is decreased.
  • Joint management of irrigation: The drip irrigation not only enhances the efficiency of the water but also the efficiency of the fertilizer and getting the accurate amount of nutrients is possible by availing the drip irrigation.
  • Reduced pest problems: the most common problems like the weed and also disease issues can be decreased by using the drip irrigation as it doesn’t wet the complete field area.
  • The drip irrigation system has the features like simplicity and it is simple to implement.
  • Low pumping needs: The drip irrigation system needs the less operating system.
  • Automation: Drip irrigation system is easy to manage and decreases the cost of labor because it can be controlled with the battery power.
  • Adaptation: Drip irrigation systems are adaptable to all the type and shape of lands and increase the use of land.
  • The drip irrigation system has the advantages in the overall production also.

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Disadvantages of the Drip Irrigation:

The disadvantages of the drip irrigation system are as follows:

  • The drip irrigation system needs an economic investment.
  • The drip irrigation system needs the maintenance and the water of high quality.
  • It has the issue of leakage and its repair.
  • It has the safety-related problems.
  • The pattern of water application must match the pattern of planting.

The drip irrigation system is a modern sub-surface type of irrigating water with more water demands in the arid regions and this type of irrigation may not be applicable to all the farms.

 Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Drip Irrigation

  • Introduction
  • What is Drip Irrigation?
  • Why should I use drip irrigation?
  • Methods of Irrigation
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Conclusion
  • References

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