Brand Management Seminar and PPT with pdf report: To enhance the quality and ability to maintain a particular standard of the brand names that we share with our customers, Lowe’s has implemented a modern process to restraint the brand name field. Earlier the vendor could yield their brand name as their wish but it had frequent errors and particular standard about the brand and also in the way they represented it.

Because this information was used for selling the equipment like and the customers were confused by the various versions of the similar brand name. To further avoid this issue, in the year of 2009, vendors began to submit their brands through GDSN which are on the controlled brand list of Lowe’s. This page consists Brand Management Seminar with PPT and PDF Report.

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Brand Management Seminar PPT with PDF Report

History of Brand Management:

In the year of 1872, on the event of the national depression, the people in the very small community in the Eugene city decided to construct a University for the state of Oregon. Because the people of Eugene thought that it would be better for the bright future of the children and also for the bright future of the town. Along with them, the leaders of the city thought that a University will bring the economic and social advancement to the community.

For this University’s construction, the people of the town paid from their private savings. In the year of 1876, the construction had completed to a large extent to permit the classes to begin. It had a large number of students and a very small but a very dedicated faculty.

Responsibilities of Brand Management:

The responsibilities of the brand management are as follows:

  • The brand management monitors, manage and measure the brand equity and brand strength.
  • It enhances the awareness of brand, value, relevant differentiation and establishes an emotional connection and accessibility.
  • It advances the plan of a brand.
  • It monitors the improvement against the brand plan.
  • It will be responsible for the outcome of the brand plan.
  • It guides the brand understanding and supports the complete organization.
  • The brand management also has the responsibility of guiding the initiatives which support the delivery of the brand.
  • It manages the architecture of brand.
  • It aids to determine the identities of the modern brands or the sub-brands.

Types of Brand Management:

Constructing a brand management gives many opportunities for the businesses and the advantages are like the loyalty of the customers, good and easy distribution of the product and chance to enhance the prices and large profit. So, the different types/kinds of the brands are as follows:

  • Product brands
  • Service brands
  1. Product brands: The product brands are the speed moving and affordable consumer goods like personal care products, drinks and confectionery and much more, the product brands also include the big and expensive things like appliances, vehicles, and ornaments. The initial groups are very simple to market as they come in the necessary things and the next group comes under the luxury items.
  2. Service brands: Well, the brand is something which cannot be held but can be felt and when it comes to the services that are directly delivered by the employees to the customers then it is not at all an easy job. It is not easy because the service is the important thing that represents the brand and the service brands need to be maintained very well and should give a service of the good standard.

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The Process of Brand Management:

The process of the brand management is as follows:

  • The initial step is to recognize the most vital customers.
  • We should also understand the things that motivate the customers to choose our brand instead of the brand of our competitors.
  • The next step is selecting or choosing a brand position which furnishes the organization with benefits.
  • After this should change the change that kind of position to a standard brand identity.
  • We should teach our employees about the promise of the brand.
  • The next step includes the advancing of an integrated launch.
  • We should reenter the promise of the brand at each level of customer contact.
  • The final step includes the measure of equity and making of necessary changes and adjustments.

Finally, we can say that the people are the key aspects in the field of brand management. 

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Brand Management

  • Introduction
  • History
  • Responsibilities
  • Types
  • Process
  • Conclusion
  • References

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