Soft Skills PPT | Presentation | PDF | Free Download: In this competitive world, both the hard skills and soft skills are required. Everyone can have the hard skills like a degree; proficiency in computer programming etc. but the success comes with the combination of hard skills and soft skills. At present, we can see that people are very interested in learning soft skills because every company or every firm wants their employees to be best at soft skills. Some of the soft skills are as below:

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Soft Skills PPT | Presentation | PDF

  • Body language
  • Communication
  • Language
  • Grammar
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility
  • Patience
  • Persuasion
  • Time management
  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Rate of speech
  • Preparation of resume including self-introduction

Skills Required for the Requirement of Job

Fig1: Skills Required for the Requirement of Job

Now, let us discuss few of them in detail and this will help the people in improving their soft skills and will improve the performance in interviews. They are as follows:

       1. Body language:

  • It is a natural representation which is inbuilt within each and every living organism in this world. It is also known as the first language of the world. It is also called as a nonverbal communication.
  • This language delivers its meaning with the help of the physical movements of our body parts which comprise of face expression, body posture, gestures, signs, eye contact, hand, and feet movement.
  • It aids us when the verbal communication is difficult. It also determines the attitude of a person during a conversation.
  • It is easy to express short notes or messages. A positive and an effective body language are always necessary to succeed in any part of the life.
  • Researchers have shown that the effectiveness of communication depends up to 60% on the body language.

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Important facts about body language:

  • Always carry a pleasant smile in your face.
  • Maintain a proper eye contact. You can pull a small trick here by using some coloured eye contacts to make your eyes shine. 
  • When you have the chances of standing, stand up because people who stand always look powerful.
  • Always use your arm movements during any kind of explanation, which will make you look confident.
  • Always sit with your toes pointing out.
  • Avoid hand to face movements during any conversation.
  • Don’t cover or hide in a meeting or a group discussion.
  • Avoid folded arms and crossed legs during speaking and listening.
  • Avoid nail-biting, scratching head during any confused situation.
  • Avoid grooming gestures when you are in public.
  1. Language:

  • It is an artificial representation which is not found common in this world. It is a tool which is used to communicate a message from one to one another of the same group.
  • It is also called as verbal communication.
  • Each language has its own set of rules in delivering the meaning from one to another.
  • The grammar of each and every language has to be properly understood to master it.
  • Researchers have estimated that there are up to 7000 different languages spoken around the world.

     Important facts about language:

  • The grammar has to be properly used to during all the conversations.
  • Always think before you talk.
  • Use simple and short sentences to convey your messages.
  • Avoid using complex and long sentences.
  • Don’t use verbal and nonverbal fillers during the conversation.

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  A modern example of body language or language:

  • A person walking in a computer only with the help of a keyboard is called as a body language.
  • The same person working with the help of a mouse and a keyboard is called as a language.
  • So it is very clear that proper usage of both body language and the language is essential to succeed in every body’s day to day life.
  1. Communication:

  • It is a process through which a message is exchanged from the sender to the receiver and vice versa.
  • The communication process will be complete once the receiver understands the message of the sender. If not, the communication process will remain incomplete.
  • The proper usage of grammar helps in building an effective communication.
  1. Grammar:

  • It is a set of guidelines which tells us clearly how, when and where to use the words of any given language. Hence all these guidelines form into one shape called grammar,
  • In today’s modern world grammar is defined as the Mother Board of all languages.
  • It is a set of guidelines for any given language in the world.
  • The grammar controls and designs the output of all kinds of communication of an individual.
  • A language can be mastered only after mastering its grammar.
  1. Teamwork, patience and time management:

  • Teamwork, patience and time management is a very important quality because this helps in working with a group of people to achieve the goals of a firm or a company.
  1. The rate of speech:

To communicate clearly, a rate of speech plays a vital role. Speaking fast does not mean that one speaks a good language and speaking slowly does not mean that one has less knowledge in the language. An average rate of speed should be maintained to deliver the message clearly. The average speed of a perfect speaker is around 130 to 160 words per minute.

  1. Preparation of a resume and self-introduction:

  • Well, a self introduction is one of the important and the first question which would be raised at any interview, irrespective of the field.
  • The interviewer would judge your communication and the usage of grammar during the conversation.
  • A resume is a document which represents an individual’s skills, education, work experience, background and other details.
  • The two fundamentals that are involved in drafting a resume are as follows:
  • Major or unchangeable fundament
  • Minor or changeable fundament

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Content of the PPT and PDF for Soft Skills PPT Presentation Seminar

  • What are Soft skills?
  • Importance of Soft Skills
  • Important Soft Skills?
    • Communication skills
    • Body language
    • Making Decisions
    • Self Motivation
    • Leadership Skills
    • Team-Working Skills
    • Creativity and Problem Solving Skills
    • Time Management
  • Conclusion
  • References

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