Skinput Technology Seminar | PPT | PDF Report: Skinput Technology is a modern input sensing applied science which plays the role of an input interface. It furnishes a modern input method based on bio-acoustic sensing which permits the skin to be used as a surface of finger input. Our skin generates natural and different mechanical vibrations when tapped at distinct areas of the skin.

Skinput Technology Seminar | PPT | PDF Report

We know that the skin is stretchable in nature and it permits the below input modalities:

  • Squeezing
  • Pressing
  • Pulling

The machines with computational potential and capabilities can be carried out in our bodies in an easy way. Skinput is a technique which permits the body to be a wearable bio-acoustic sensor and non-invasive.

Theoretical Review:

The theoretical review explains about the following parameters:

  • Skinput using touch on palm or hand surface
  • More than touch
  1. Skinput using touch on palm or hand surface: Nowadays, computing is becoming more mobile and there exist enhancing requirement to advance more developed equipment and techniques. Now we have the smaller screens, ubiquitous cameras and the applied science of touch is almost everywhere. But still few things like selecting of graphic entities and performing the drag and drop operations are still complex. A genuine difficulty in dealing with the tiny screens is their surface area but the screens of present machines have a nice clarity that people can even detect tiny objects. Skinput technology combines the highly developed machine learning and simple bio-acoustic sensors to make people avail their forearms and fingers as touch pads. According to a study, which was conducted by Carnegie Mellon University, it was found that distinct types of finger tap on distinct parts of the forearm and hand generates special acoustic signatures. The skinput technology gives a modern meaning to the term touch typing.
  2. More than touch: As the skin has the stretchable quality, it permits the extra input modalities pulling, squeezing and stretching, twisting. This enhances the input space for the interactions on a skin and also enables many gestures and other forms of interactions. The flexible feature of skin furnishes distinct input modalities as we have discussed above. A touch can be done with nails of the finger and this results in the scratching or by availing full hand which results in grabbing. The eight distinct input modalities define that distinct actions can be performed on a skin which is more than a touch and those are as below:
  • Pull
  • Grab
  • Touch
  • Twist
  • Squeeze
  • Shear
  • Scratch
  • Press

The Principle of Skinput Technology:

The skinput technology works on the principle of bio-acoustic. Whenever there is a tap of a finger on the skin then the impact of that tap generates acoustic signals. These generated acoustic signals can be captured with the aid of a device which is a bio-acoustic sensing machine. The Little amount of energy is lost in the form of sound waves to the external environment. Some of the energy travels along the skin’s surface and the rest of the energy travels into the skin till it gets reflected from the bone which is inside the skin.

The amplitude on the soft surface like forearm is larger when compared with the amplitude on the hard surface like an elbow. The amplitude of the wave changes with the force of disturbance. The different acoustic locations of signals are sensed, further operations are done and they are classified by using software. The different acoustic locations of signals are produced due to changes in the density of bone, size, and distinct filtering effects which are produced by soft tissues and joints. An adult’s average body surface is 400 times larger than touch-screen device. Direct manipulation can be furnished when augmented with a pico-projector.


Fig1: Basic Principles of Skinput Technology


In the section, we are going to study the skinput sensor, processing methods which are used to divide, classification of bio-acoustic signals and analyzing of bio-acoustic signals are studied here. The working of this technology is based on the acoustic signals via tissue’s density.

  1. Bioacoustics: When a finger is tapped then a little amount of energy is transmitted through the atmosphere as the sound waves, this radiated energy is not captured by the system of skinput. The joints play a vital role in making the locations which are tapped to be acoustically different.
  2. Armband: Two arrays of sensing elements are incorporated into an armband and these two arrays have five sensing elements.
  3. Experiment and discussions: In this, it is explained that the fingers have five locations, the whole arm has five locations, and forearm has ten locations.

The below figure explains about the working of skinput technology:


Fig2: The Working of Skinput Technology

Content of the Seminar and PDF Report for Skinput Technology

  • Introduction
  • Principle
  • How it works
  • Implementation
  • Application
  • Advantage
  • Disadvantage
  • Skinput in future
  • Conclusion

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