Parts of a Computer Seminar PPT and PDF Report: Elements of a computer system fall into two categories and they are:

  • Hardware and
  • Software

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Parts of a Computer Seminar PPT and PDF Report

Components of Computer Hardware:

Computer hardware is a physical device, based on cost, size, and capabilities modern computers are assembled in many basic ways. Essentially, most consists of the following components;

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  • Main memory
  • Secondary memory
  • Central processing unit
  • Input devices and
  • Output devices
  1. Main memory or primary storage device: It is a temporary storage device which is also called as main memory or primary memory. Main memory consists of data which is required to be manipulated immediately. In addition to this, it also stores the information about what is being processed by the processor. There are two types of primary memory and they are:
  • RAM
  • ROM
  1. Secondary memory: It is a permanent storage device, which is also called auxiliary storage or secondary memory. It is the slowest and cheapest form of memory. It is not possible to process such memory directly by the CPU. It is necessary to initially copy the data present in secondary memory into the primary storage. Secondary storage device holds the information until it is deleted or overwritten. The secondary storage devices are the following:
  • Magnetic tapes
  • Magnetic disks
  • Optical disks
  • USB flash drives
  • Mass storage devices
  1. Central Processing Unit (CPU): Central processing unit is considered as the brain of the computer system. It performs data processing in binary format i.e., it understands data only if it is in the form of either 1 or 0. Whenever an input is supplied, it is converted into binary digit format by counting, listing and rearranging the digits according to the program instructions. Once the processing is done, the result is again translated back into characters or numbers that are easily understood by a user. The circuitry of a modern CPU is housed in a single integrated circuit or chip, millions of miniature circuits manufactured on a silicon chip. The central processing unit’s current instructions and data values stored temporarily inside the CPU in special high-speed memory locations called registers.

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Functions of CPU:

  • Interprets the operation
  • Coordinates the operation
  • Supervises the instructions
  • Controls all internal as well as external peripherals
  • Controls all the computer functions
  • Performs all calculations
  • Processes all the user entered data

4.Input devices: Input devices are used to communicate with the computer to insert the data into the computer is called the input devices. The classification of the input devices are explained in the below diagram:



Fig1: Input Devices

 a. Keyboard: The keyboard is a primary input device that is used to input numeric and alpha-numeric data and commands. The keyboard is also used to select the menu options or graphics functions. When a key is pressed then the associated ASCII code is transferred to the CPU through its ROM chip, then converted into signals for displaying the output on the screen. The function keys and cursor keys are very important for graphics input as they can carry out a specific command. Function keys activity performance depends the program is currently being executed. Cursor and control keys are used to select the coordinate positions of the displayed objects by placing the screen cursor. They are also known as the arrow keys.

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b. Pointing input devices: The pointing input devices are the following:

  • Mouse
  • Trackball

c. Handheld input devices: The handheld input devices are the following:

  • Joystick
  • Touchscreen
  • Stylus

d. Optical input devices: The optical input devices are the following:

  • Barcode reader
  • Scanners
  • OCR
  • OMR

e. Audio input devices: The audio input devices are the following:

  • Microphone

f. Video input devices: The video input devices are the following:

  • Digital camera
  • Web camera

5. Output devices: The output devices display the output from the computer processing for the user. The output devices are categorized into two types. They are:

  • Soft copy devices
  • Hard copy devices


Fig2: Soft Copy Devices


    Fig3: Hard Copy Devices

  1. Soft copy devices: The soft copy output devices generate an electronic version of an output. For example, a file that is stored on a hard disk, CD or pen drive is displayed on the computer screen.
  2. Hard copy devices: The hard copy output devices generate a physical form of output. For example, the content of a file printed on a paper is a form of hard copy.

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Computer Software:

The software is a collection of interrelated programs that makes the hardware user-friendly. The software is divided into two types and they are:

  • System software
  • Application software
  1. System software: It is an operating system, which is an interface between user and hardware. This is divided into two types:
  • CUI – Command line user interface
  • GUI – Graphical user interface
  1. Application software: The application software is divided into two types and they are:
  • Packages and
  • Programming languages

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  Content of the Seminar and PDF Report for Parts of a Computer PPT Presentation

  • Introduction Software and Hardware
  • What is Software?
  • Types of Software
  • What is Computer Hardware?
  • Components of Computer
  • Computer Input Devices
  • Computer Output Devices
  • The Central Processing Unit
  • Motherboard
  • Computer Memory, Floppy Drive, DVD Drives
  • Reference

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