Network Security Seminar PPT Presentation with pdf report: Nowadays many people are interacting with the world of internet and the sense of security is enhancing day by day. So, everyone needs to know about the basics of network security so that each and everyone can protect their network.

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The network security has the features like not allowing the unauthorized access, protecting your vital data and guarantees the interruption less service. Network security is defined as an activity designed to secure the usability and integrity of the network and information.

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Network Security Seminar and PPT with PDF Report

It includes both the hardware and software applied sciences, its function is about targeting the various threats and blocking them from entering into the network and spreading in the network. The digital network has brought a revolution in everyone’s life and the way of people’s living, working, playing and learning has changed and network security plays an important role in defending the personal data of the people.

Network security secures the network of the organization or firm that is furnishing the required services to the customers and their employees. Along with that, network security aids to secure the proprietary data from attack and finally it secures the reputation of the people. In the year of 1996, we had 13 million users of internet experienced programs who had the ability to exploit the network but coming to the present situation everyone can play the role of a hacker by downloading software from the internet. The few network attacks are as follows:

  • Eavesdropping
  • Data modifications
  • Identifying spoofing
  • Password based attacks and much more

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Types of network security:

There are many types of network securities and some of them are as follows:

  • Network access control
  • Antivirus and antimalware software
  • Application security
  • Behavioral security
  • Data loss prevention
  • Email security
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion prevention system
  • Mobile device security
  • Network segmentation
  • Security information and event management
  • VPN
  • Web security
  • Wireless security
  1. Network access control: To avoid the potential attackers, people need to recognize the users and the machines as those users and devices can regulate the security policies. The process of blocking the noncompliant endpoint machines and furnishing the limited access to them is called as network access control.
  2. Antivirus and antimalware software: The viruses, worms, and Trojans come under malware, malware has the ability to infect the network. The available antimalware programs not only scan the malware but also take away it and at the same time fix the damage.
  3. Application security: The software we avail to run the business needs to be secured because all the applications contain holes and attackers can avail these holes to infiltrate a network. The application security encircles the hardware; software and operations use to close the holes.
  4. Behavioral analytics: The normal behavior of a network should be known to analyze the abnormal behavior of the network. The equipment of the behavioral analytics discriminate the abnormal activities which the security team takes it to process the further actions on it.
  5. Data loss prevention: The firms or organizations should not allow their staff to transmit the sensitive information and the applied science of data loss prevention blocks the people from uploading, forwarding and printing the critical data in an unprotected way.
  6. Email security: Attackers avail personal data and social engineering to build highly developed phishing campaigns to cheat recipients and send them to the sites that have malware. An email security application ceases incoming attacks to hinder the loss of critical information.
  7. Firewall: The firewall creates a wall between a trusted internal network and the trustless internal network.
  8. Intrusion prevention system: An intrusion prevention system scans the traffic of the network and obstructs the coming attacks.
  9. Mobile device security: In these days the cyber criminals are mostly targeting the mobile machines and apps, the mobile device security helps in controlling the device.
  10. Network segmentation: The network segmentation helps in easily regulating the security policies in the network traffic.
  11. Security information and event management: The security information and event management bring the data that the security staff needs to respond to the attacks or threats.
  12. VPN: VPN avails safe socket layers between the device and network.
  13. Web security: Web security defends the web gateway on the sites.
  14. Wireless security: The wireless networks are not as protected as the wired networks, the use of wireless security hinders the attacks.

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  • Network security helps in securing the data.
  • It hinders the cyber attacks.
  • It is centrally controlled.
  • The centralized network security system timely updates the antivirus system.


  • It is a costly setup.
  • It is very time-consuming.
  • It needs the skilled staff.

Thus, everyone must have the knowledge of protecting tools because the people can at least protect their own network from all suck attacks.

What is the future of network security?

 If you want to secure the present threat environment, there is a need to provide more than just basic network security. It needs to equip with technologies like deep learning, AI, etc. for becoming effective and tackling the challenges. It will make sure the upcoming threats get tackled adequately.

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Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Network Security PPT Presentation

  • Introduction
  • What is Network Security
  • History
  • Basic Network Security
  • Need for Network Security
  • Types
  • Authentication
  • Network Attacks Methods
  • Advantages
  • Problems
  • Network Security Architecture
  • Conclusion

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