Li Fi Technology Seminar and PPT with PDF Report: Li-Fi is the abbreviation of light fidelity and was expressed by Harald Hass who was a German physicist. In Li-Fi the information is transferred through light signals instead of radio waves and mostly Wi-Fi plays an efficient role for wireless information coverage within the buildings whereas by using Li-Fi we can provide the excel density data coverage in a particular area without any radio interference issue.

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It furnishes well bandwidth, assurance than Wi-Fi, and excels speed. In the coming generation, this technology will be used for transmitting data or information to smartphones, laptops, etc. through the light in a room.

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Li Fi Technology Seminar PPT with PDF Report

Construction of a LiFi Technology:

The affordable, speed change in the optical form of Wi-Fi is the Li-Fi and it is based on VLC i.e. Visible Light Communication where VLC is a medium of information communication that avails quick pulses of light to send the data wirelessly. The main constituents of a Li-Fi system are:

  • An excellent brightening white LED which plays the role of a transmitter.
  • A silicon photodiode with a good response to visible light acts as a receiver.

LEDs can be switched on and off through which different unions of digital chains consisting of 1’s and 0’s are produced. The LED can be used as a transmitter or a source, the response of LED appears consistent to the human eye due to the quick flickering of LED.

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Working of LiFi Technology:

The logic behind the working of light fidelity technology is much unmingled. If the LED is on, a digital string ‘1′ is transmitted and when the LED is off then a digital string ‘0′ is transmitted. For example, there is a LED at one end and a photodetector at the other end, whenever the LED is on, a binary ‘1′ and when the LED is of a binary ‘0′ is registered by the photodetector. Thus a message is build up by many flashes of LED.

Many other highly developed technologies can be used in increasing the data rate of VLC, recent research in Berlin attained rates of 500 megabytes per second. Parallel data transmission where each LED generates a separate data stream and has been focusing on many teams at the University of Oxford and Edinburg.

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Advantages of LiFi techbology:

In Li-Fi the data is transferred through the light without depending on the spectrum of light, it may belong to the invisible, ultraviolet, visible portion of the spectrum. It provides speed of up to 1Gbps with exceptional bandwidth and overcomes the limitations of the Wi-Fi. Few advantages of it are as follows:

  • Li-Fi provides 10,000 times wider bandwidth than Wi-Fi and the light sources of Li-Fi are already installed. So, it doesn’t need any well-equipped equipment and provides good capacity.
  • The transmission of information through it is very cheap and affordable due to the low energy consumption and efficiency of LED bulbs.
  • Li-Fi doesn’t provide an issue of availability because in the world there is no scarcity of bulbs and the only thing is that they need to be replaced by leds for the sending of information or data.
  • A high rate of transmission of information up to 10Gbps can be succeeded.
  • It has less maintenance cost and low implementing cost.
  • Li-Fi provides high security because the light cannot travel or enter the walls and due to this the factor of misuse cannot occur.
  • The issue of insufficiency can be eradicated because Li-Fi uses light which is still not used in abundance.

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Applications of LiFi:

This applied science has a wide range of applications ranging from internet access from street lights to auto-piloted cars which transfer data through the headlights. Few future applications of Li-Fi are as follows:

  • In many educational institutions and companies, Li-Fi can be used with an equal speed in a confined area.
  • In the operation theaters, Wi-Fi is not used because the radiations are hazardous to the patient’s health and the replacement of Wi-Fi with Li-Fi makes the operation theaters developed and will be very helpful in performing the robotic operations.
  • The radiations of radio waves are genuinely harmful to people’s health and the reduction of its usage might give good health and live longer.
  • In air crafts, passengers get retrieve from the low-speed internet with high charges but the use of Li-Fi provides the high-speed internet with affordable charges.
  • Li-Fi can be used in underwater remotely operated vehicles, as a means of communication during disasters, in power plants, in traffic management where it could communicate with the lights of vehicles.

Therefore, the future applications of Li-Fi can still be extended because of the numerous advantages of it.

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Content of the Seminar and pdf report for LiFi Technology ppt

  • Introduction
  • History
  • How Li-Fi Works?
  • Real Time Usage of Li Fi
  • Comparison between Various Technologies
  • How it is different?
  • Wifi vs Lifi
  • Application
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Conclusion

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