CAD/CAM PPT Presentation Seminar | PDF Report:The CAD/CAM systems can be used for designing the architecture of the devices, they are two types and they are 3D wireframe and 3D dumb. The abbreviation of computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing are CAD/CAM and used in designing and manufacturing of mechanical equipment of free foam complex 2D and 3D.

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CAD/CAM is used in guiding the designers in creation, advancement, modification, analysis and optimization. This applied science plays an important role in the field of robotics and with its aid, we can optimize the task to get the best results, its usage and understanding become easier in the future.

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CAD/CAM PPT Presentation Seminar | PDF Report

Computer-aided design (CAD):

The designers can create precise drawings of the components and assemble of the design by using the two-dimensional CAD software. It is also used in advancing the ideas by focusing on single view by using the wide range of geometric tools. By using the three-dimensional CAD software, the designers can make the 3D models of the parts and this helps the designers in testing before making the expensive parts. The three-dimensional CAD permits all the components of design to be modeled in different files and combining all the components in the final model. We can make the changes at any time to the parts and the changes will be smeared to the final model also.

Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM):

Computer aided manufacturing is the important element or part of the producing or manufacturing systems. The CAM machines make possible to furnish many automatic operations in both 2D and 3D formats like cutting, milling and heat cutting, printing in solid materials. The developed CAD processes make use of information from 2D or 3D CAD drawings and these are transformed into machine parts by the help of CAM software.

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Normally, the CAM production systems follow the below process:

  • The CAD drawing or a 3D model is produced.
  • Color coding and various cuts are included in the in the 2D drawing.
  • The 3D models are sent as the files called as stereolithography files.
  • The information is transformed into G and M machine codes and these are the real paths of the device cutter that are followed in 2D and 3D space. All the necessary measurements are entered at this stage for the accurate G and M codes to be set.
  • At this stage, a machine preview will run on a computer to test the setup.
  • A billet of accurate size and shape is fixed into the machine and this follows with the necessary setups.
  • The machine runs with the required guarding.
  • The final piece will be taken for the next process of finishing.

Uses of CAD/CAM:

Computer-aided design (CAD) is a tool that is not only used by the engineers and designers but also by the other professional people depending on their need. It is proved that CAD is very useful and also helpful for the engineers because of the CAD parameters like history, features, and parameterization and excel level constrains. The history of the model helps to work on the necessary parts rather than the whole model. The other properties help in the resolution of the model.

The CAD/CAM are used in the Janome embroidery package, cam 1 cutter, laser cutting like cutting the acrylic plastic, fabric and creating buttons, creating accessories.

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Types of CAD/CAM:

  • There are different types of CAD systems like lower end 2D systems and these furnish an approach to the drawing process.
  • A 3D wireframe is the developed version of the 2D drafting and this type is mostly not used nowadays. 2D dumb solids are produced in an analogous way and two dimensional view can be generated from this model, the 3D solids does not permit the motion of components.

Coming to the solid modeling, there are two types of solid modeling and are as follows:

  • 3D parametric solid modeling
  • Explicit modelers
  1. 3D parametric solid modeling: It permits the operator to avail the design intent and also furnish the modifying feature to the objects made in it.
  2. Explicit modelers: These are also called as direct 3D CAD modelers and they furnish the feature of editing geometry without a history tree.

Interactive computer graphics (ICG):

The interactive computer graphics is a vital part of CAD systems and it is a user-oriented system. ICG avails the computer to make, change and view the images in the form of images or symbols.

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Benefits of CAD/CAM:

  • It has the result of a lead timer in the design office.
  • It provides the easy reference and material of the ancient design and data.
  • It reduces the time for transforming design and updating the documents.
  • The designer gets relief from the routine work and permits more time for the creative work.
  • It reduces the subcontractors as dependent on the design.

What are the disadvantages of CAD/CAM?

Look at the few disadvantages of CAD/CAM in detail below:

  • There is the high cost of hardware associated with the CAD/CAM that everyone might not afford.
  • First-time users have to deal with the complexity of the system that might be an issue in the beginning.
  • The users have to maintain the CAD/CAM software to ensure files stay safe.

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Content of the Seminar and pdf report for CAD/CAM

  • Introduction
  • What is CAD/ CAM
  • Why CAD /CAM
  • Use
  • Types
  • Interactive Computer Graphics
  • Model of CAD/CAM
  • Benefits
  • Limitations
  • Conclusion
  • References

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