Blue Brain Technology PPT Presentation Seminar with pdf report free download: The human brain is the highest worth creation of God and the man is intelligent because of it. The world’s first virtual brain is named as the “Blue Brain” which means that a machine can work like a human brain.

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These days the scientist are in research to make an artificial brain which acts like a human brain and the main objective is to upload a human brain into the device with which the human beings can take decisions without any effort. Normally after the death of the body, we lose the knowledge but this is not going to happen with the blue brain and it is going to keep everything right from the knowledge to the memories for advancing the human society.

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Blue Brain PPT Presentation Seminar with pdf report

The blue brain system is the creation of human brain at the cellular level inside a computer simulation and this project was founded in May 2005 by Henry Markram in Switzerland. The IBM is now developing the world’s first virtual brain and within 30 years everyone will be able to scan themselves into the computers. So, the blue brain is the artificial brain which can work as natural brain and respond as a natural brain. All these operations are possible with the avail of supercomputers.

Need of Blue Brain:

Now the world is very much developed because of the intelligence we have which is an inborn quality and cannot be made. Few people in the world have such quality and because of it, they can think up to a level or standard which others cannot do. There is a necessity of such an intelligence and intelligent brain to the human society but the intelligence gets lost after the death of the body and virtual brain is the solution for all these.

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Everyone is busy in their lives that they have the difficulty in remembering the events like historical facts, important dates and much more. Availing a machine called the virtual brain is a complete solution for all these issues and relaxes the people without any burden.

How is it Possible?

Raymond Kurzweil recently furnished a paper on this in which he explains both the invasive and non-invasive techniques. The most assuring technique is the use of tiny robots or nanobots as they are small enough to travel the human circulatory system. By moving into the spine and brain the robots will be able to monitor the activities of the central nervous system. The required thing is the computer with huge storage space and processing power.

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Functioning of Brain:

The nervous system is one of the complicatedly organized electron mechanisms and it is like a miracle because we cannot see it but it is working via electric pulses in our body. Even the engineers are not able to make the circuit boards and devices as accurate as the nervous system. The three simple functions of the brain are:

  • Sensory input
  • Integration
  • Motor input
  1. Sensory input: When you keep the things into your brain through senses or from your surrounding environment called as sensory input. For example, if you see anything, touch a warm surface or cold surface then the information or data or message is passed to your brain through your sensory cells also called as neurons.
  2. Integration: Integration is nothing but the interpretation or explanation of all the things that we feel, taste with our sensory cells the so-called neurons into the output that the body recognizes. This process is carried out in the brain where many neurons take part for understanding the current situation r environment.
  3. Motor Output: If once our brain has the explanation of all the things that we learned through our sense then it sends a direct message through the neurons to the effector cells, muscle cells or gland cells which work to respond to a request and act upon the environment. The example of this is our hearing, smelling etc.

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Benefits of blue brain ppt:

  • It acts as a supercomputer and development in processing, speed and memory could simulate the human brain.
  • The blue brain can remember the things with less effort.
  • The intelligence of the person can be used even after the death of a body.
  • The blue brain can make own decisions and permits the deaf to hear through direct nerve stimulation.
  • Helps in gathering and testing 100 years of data.

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Advantages of blue brain:

  • The blue brain is an easy way to store and use human intelligence and data or information present in the mind even after the death of the body.
  • It will be a vital step towards self-decision making of a device containing the blue brain.
  • It can do all important functions like an intelligent machine.
  • It can avail as interference between human beings and animals. The blue brain program was implemented on rat and it was a success, provides a sign of success in future too.


  • The human kind becomes dependent on machines.
  • Another fear is about human clothing and regaining the memory back is an expensive procedure.

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