Marine Pollution PPT Free PDF Download: Oceans are the large area on the planet that covers more than one-third of the earth’s total surface. However, the increasing human activities have affected them greatly and lead to the ocean or marine pollution. In this article, we will explain this term in detail.

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 Marine Pollution PPT Free PDF Download

What is Marine Pollution?

Marine pollution can be defined as the harmful effects that spread in the ocean. It consists of toxic substances that include agricultural waste, chemical particles, plastic, oil, and other waste products. In simple words, it refers to all the things that contaminate the ocean. The amount of pollution can vary on the purpose for which the ocean water is being used.

For instance, the sea water consists of many plants or sand particles and there are many animals who live here. These particles can’t be considered as the pollutants whereas the toxic chemicals transferred to the ocean are definitely pollutants. Over the years, the ocean pollution has increased and leads to harmful effects.

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Main causes of Marine Pollution

There are many different sources of marine pollution and we have mentioned some of them in detail:

  • Land Runoff

Land runoff occurs when the excess water from melting, rain, and floods flows towards the ocean. Generally, this water picks up the harmful contaminants, such as petroleum, fertilizers and other forms of soil contaminants that pollute the sea.

  • Toxic Chemicals

There are many toxic chemicals that runoff from industry and enter the ocean. These chemicals can endanger the marine creates living in the sea. Some of the examples of toxic chemicals entering the sea include industrial waste transferred into the sea, pollution through chimneys, etc.

  • Sewage

There are many polluting substances that flow through drainages, sewage or rivers directly into the sea. These substances lead to the marine pollution. This way the substances and minerals from the mining camps enter the ocean.

  • Ocean Mining

Over the years, the ocean mining has increased in the deep sea that creates ocean pollution. The miners drill inside the ocean for silver, copper, and zinc that results in depositing sulfide way down into the ocean.

  • Ship pollution

The ship pollution has increased the marine pollution and the most devastating source of this type is oil spills. These contaminants last for years in the ocean and affecting the marine life by suffocating the animals living there.

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What are the effects of Marine Pollution?

Check out the main marine pollution effects written below:

  • Toxic chemical’s effect

As we have mentioned above, the oil spills are extremely dangerous to the creatures living inside the sea. It can get on their features and grills that make it tougher to move or fly properly.

  • Disrupts sunlight cycle

The oil floats on the top of the sea that makes it difficult for sunlight to reach the plants. Additionally, it affects the photosynthesis process and results in impacting the health of the marine animals.

  • Failure of reproductive system

The poisonous chemicals from the industries accumulate in the tissues of marine animals that lead to failure of their reproductive system.

  • Effects on human health

The unhealthy animals affected by marine pollution are further eaten by the humans. It can result in affecting their health to a greater extent.

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Here we are giving you Marine Pollution PPT with PDF. All you need to do is just click on the download link and get it.

Marine Pollution PPT Free Download

Marine Pollution PDF Free Download

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