Free Download Performance Management PPT | PDF | Presentation: The process via which supervisors and leading people have an understanding of work expectations, understanding of work goals, identify learning, identify development opportunities, exchange the feedback of performance, and also evaluate the results of performance is called as performance management.

Performance Management PPT | PDF | Presentation

It is through the process of performance management that the companies are able to make and maintain the environment of the workplace which has the following features:

  • Values continuous enhancement
  • Encourages creativity
  • Promotes learning
  • Promotes professional advancement
  • Rewarding and engaging employees
  • Adapts well to transform
  • Strives to attain ambitious objectives

What do the Employees want?

The twelve factors which motivate the engagement of employees and wants of many professionals are below:

  • They want their opinions to be count.
  • They want the others to feel that what they do is vital and worthy.
  • They want the coworkers who are very committed to work.
  • They want to have positive relationships in work.
  • They want to talk about their development and like to get feedback.
  • They want to have the opportunities which aid them in learning and developing.
  • They want to know their expectations.
  • They like to have the equipment that they require in their work.
  • They like to have the opportunity in which they can do the best.
  • They want to be recognized and praised for doing the best work.
  • They want the value of being a human being and a part of society.
  • They like to have someone who will encourage their advancement.

The Process of Performance Management:

The process of performance management has the following steps:

  • Performance planning
  • Day-to-day coaching
  • Day-to-day feedback
  • Check-in of quarterly performance
  • Formal review of performance

This process of performance management is explained with the help of a diagram and it is as below:


Fig1: Process of Performance Management

  1. Alignment with organization mission and vision: The effective goals of performance and explained in the below diagram:

Fig2: Effective Performance Goals Flow and Support

2. Performance planning: The planning of the performance has the involvement of the below steps:

  • Ensure of the mutual understanding of the responsibilities of the job.
  • Ensure of the mutual understanding of the standards.
  • Ensure of the mutual understanding of the expectations.
  • Setting the goals of performance.

3. Day-to-day coaching and feedback: The day-to-day coaching has the following steps in them:

  • Discuss the performance very often.
  • Furnish appreciative feedback and identify the success.
  • Address the interest and solve the problems.

4. Check-in of quarterly performance: The following steps are involved in the quarterly performance check-in:

  • Checking the progress
  • Making of the adjustments in mid-course where required

5. Formal performance review: The review of formal performance has the below steps:

Sharing the feedback about the performance of the employee

  • Have to invite and listen to the employee about his/her performance
  • Asking the employees to share their feedback for you
  • Reentering the phase of performance planning

Activities Required Performance Planning:

The activities required for performance planning are as follows:

  • Plan
  • Strategy
  • Repeat
  • Follow-up
  • Improve
  • Measure
  • Measure
  • Align
  • Monitor

Disadvantages of Performance Management:

The disadvantages of performance management are as below:

  • It is time-consuming
  • It has the power of discouraging the staff
  • It has the inconsistent message
  • It has the biases

Advantages of Performance Management:     

The advantages of performance management are as follows:

  • It has performance based conversations
  • Targeted staff and development
  • Encouragement to staff
  • Rewards staff for their best work
  • The underperformers are identified and eliminated
  • It keeps a documented history of the performance of employee
  • Permits for employee growth

Content of the PPT and PDF for Performance Management

  • Introduction
  • What is Performance Management?
  • Performance Management Goals
  • Performance Management Process
  • Benefits of Performance Management
  • Issues With Performance Management
  • The New Performance Management Policy
  • Conclusion
  • References

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Performance Management PPT Free Download

Performance Management PDF Free Download

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