Communication Skills PPT: The communication skills can be defined as the one’s ability to convey their views, information or message to another person in an effective and efficient manner. It is simply an act to transfer the information to another using vocal, visual, non-verbal and written mediums. A person with the excellent communication skills often able to convey and receive the messages in a clear way. The general communication skills play an important role in the every day’s communication while exchanging conversation with another person.

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Communication Skills PPT

Must-have Communication Skills

Here is the list of 10 must-have communication skills:
1. Have eye contact
A person should always look into the eyes of the person while having a conversation with someone. It helps in creating trust and confidence in a conversation. However, there is need to avert the eyes at some times for ensuring that eye contact is not overwhelming.

2. Friendly Body Language

A person with effective communication skills always has friendly body language. An open and inviting body language helps in creating a comfortable environment for a great conversation.

3. Be clear
One of the essential communication skill is clarity because the major motive of communication is generally to change something. If a person wants someone to change something, then they required to tell them in a clear way for achieving the desired results. A person should always use easy and simple language.

4. Give compliments
Some of the people might think that it is an uncomfortable thing, but it is well-proven fact that everyone wants them to get admired by the others. It can be noticing someone’s dedication, hard work or just admiring their dressing sense.

5. Active listening
A great communication skill is not only limited to talk or using body language. It also consists of hearing what others are saying. A person can improve their social interactions and relationships by becoming a good listener. They can also increase their ability to persuade, negotiate and influence.

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Types of Communication Skills

There are basically four types of communication skills mentioned below:
• Verbal Communication
Verbal communication skills play an important role in the day to day communication and that’s why a person must be able to use appropriate words for explaining their views to the others.

• Nonverbal Communication
Generally, nonverbal communication is a difficult skill for lots of people. It includes body language and cues that are given off during hearing someone’s views.

• Written Communication
It is one of those communication skills that often get overlooked. In a company, the most basic position also needs employees to have good written communication skills. A professional way of writing, proper spelling and appropriate grammar usage are some important competencies that must be mastered.


Having good communication skills is an important thing for both the employees and business owners in an organization nowadays. Everyone needs to be mastered it for conveying their messages to the other person in an efficient manner. These skills facilitate the sharing of information between two or a group of people.

Content of the PPT for Communication Skills

  • Meaning of Communication
  • What makes a good communicator?
  • Types
  • Process
  • Communication game
  • What did we learn?
  • Active listing
  • Effective presentation skills
  • Conclusion
  • Reference

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