SDLC Seminar and PPT with pdf report: The abbreviation of the software development life cycle is SDLC and is very vital for all the organizations or firms because with the aid of SDLC they can generate the high-quality software. SDLC is the process that is used by the organizations for the advancement of the software which includes the design, implementation along with the testing and maintaining of the software.

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SDLC Seminar and PPT with PDF Report

It aids in meeting the expectations of the customers, the limit of the time and the estimation of the cost. The software development life cycle was introduced in 2004 and during that time it has basically five phases through which the software passes. The basic five phases are as follows:

  • Requirement analysis
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Testing and
  • Maintenance

What are the advantages of SDLC?

Look at the advantages of the Software Development Life Cycle in detail below:

  • It provides a defined detail about the complete system, objectives, resources, and timeline.
  • Give objectives and deliverables having the ability to match the standards of all the clients involved in a project.
  • This process makes sure the evaluation of costs and growth in the system becomes convenient and easier.

Phases of SDLC:

The present developed SDLC has seven phases and those are as follows:

  • Planning
  • Systems analysis and requirements
  • System design
  • Development
  • Integration and testing
  • Implementation
  • Operations and maintenance
  1. Planning: The planning is the foremost phase in the systems advancement process and it determines that whether there is a need for the new system or not. It is a preface plan of an industry business to gain the resources that are needed to build an infrastructure or to advance a service. The purpose and need of this step are to know the problems and identify their solutions. Planning considers the things like resources, money and time along with the benefits.
  2. System analysis and requirements: The system analysis and requirement is the second phase of software development life cycle and in this the business work on their problems and on the necessary changes. In the case of a problem, the best solutions are taken and from them select the best one from the goal. In this phase the team considers the functional requirements of the project and also the system is analyzed, the system analysis is required because it determines the need of the business, responsible persons of the project and the deadline of the project. The tools needed in this are:
  • The computer aided system/software engineer
  • Gathering of the requirements
  • The structured analysis
  1. System design: The system design is the third phase of SDLC and this explains the required specifications, features of operations of the proposed system. The hardware components, software components, and network capabilities are considered in this phase.
  2. Development: It is the fourth stage and at this stage, the genuine works begin i.e. a programmer, network engineer and a database developer will be allocated for the main project work.
  3. Integration and testing: In this phase, the quality assurance professionals test the proposed system and the same time the system’s integration and system’s testing will be done at this stage.
  4. Implementation: In the sixth phase of SDLC, the major codes of the programs are written and the proposed system will be installed.
  5. Operations and maintenance: This is the final phase of SDLC and this involves the maintenance and time to time updating of the system.

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Models of SDLC:

There are a number of software development life cycle models and those are implemented during the process of software development. Some of the popular SDLC models are as follows:

  • Waterfall model
  • Iterative model
  • Spiral model
  • V-model
  • Big bang model
  1. Waterfall model: Waterfall model is the foremost SDLC model and this is majorly used in software engineering for the success of the project. This model has the six sequence phases as follows:
  • Gathering of the requirement and analysis
  • Design of the system
  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Testing
  • System’s deployment
  • Maintenance

Waterfall model is simple to avail and easy to understand, managing of it becomes easy due to its rigidity, results are documented very well.

  1. Iterative model: The design of the iterative model begins with an easy implementation of a subset of the software necessity. The iterative model is mostly used in the field where the requirements of the total system can be defined easily, in the fields that have risky features and those can be changed in the feature.
  2. Spiral model: The spiral model is the combination of the iterative advancement along with the systematic conditions of the waterfall model. The spiral model has the following phases:
  • Identification
  • Design
  • Construct
  • Evaluation and risk analysis
  1. V-model: In the V-model the output comes in the step by step manner and in a v-shape. The V-model is also called as verification and validation model, the verification phases of V-model are as follows:
  • Requirement analysis of the business
  • Architectural design
  • Design of the module

The validation phases are:

  • Integration testing
  • System testing
  • Acceptance testing
  1. Big Bang model: The big bang model does not have any particular process to be followed and it is very simple and easy to manage.

In SDLC the work is done on the detailed plan of the project and also few methods are defined to meet the company and customer needs. ISO/IEC 12207 is an international standard and was used by all the SDLCs.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for SDLC

  • Introduction
  • History
  • What is SDLC
  • SDLC Phases
  • Model of SDLC
  • Conclusion

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