Significance of Nanotechnology in Construction Engineering Seminar and PPT with pdf report: Nanotechnology is one among the active research fields which include distinct disciplines like civil engineering and materials of construction, this applied science is the ability to understand, restructuring and restraint of matter in the order of nanometers to make materials with modern functions and properties. You can find Significance of Nanotechnology in Construction Engineering Seminar and PPT with pdf report.

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Significance of Nanotechnology in Construction Engineering Seminar PPT with Pdf Report

Nanotechnology encircles two important approaches and they are:

  • Top down approach
  • Bottom-up approach
  1. Top down approach: In the top-down approach, the bigger structures are decreased in size to nanoscale by sustaining their genuine properties.
  2. Bottom-up approach: In bottom-up approach is also known as “molecular manufacturing” and “molecular nanotechnology”, in this the materials go through the machines from components of the molecule via a process of self-gathering.

There are potential fields in which the engineers of construction can have advantages from nanotechnology like the application of nanotechnology in concrete, nano-sensors, and materials of coating etc.

Applications of Nanotechnology in Construction:

The applications of the nanotechnology in construction are as follows:

  • Nanotechnology and concrete: Concrete is the very omnipresent material in the world, it has a nanostructure along with the multiple phases. Concrete is tranquil of an unstructured phase, bound water, and micron-sized crystals.
  • The addition of nanosized and nanostructured materials.

Use of Nano-Reinforcement:

  • Carbon nanotubes/carbon nanofibers are latent things which are based on cement. The carbon nanotubes/carbon nanofibers show extraordinary potential with moduli of elasticity in the order of Tpa and exhibit the strength of tensile which is in the range of Gpa, along with this they contain several electronic properties and chemical properties. So, the carbon nanotubes/ nanofibers are the excellent nanomaterials for developing the mechanical properties of materials which are based on cement.
  • The single-wall carbon nanotubes, multi-wall carbon nanotubes and also the carbon nanofibers are high structured materials based on the graphene ring with high ratios of aspect and large areas of the surface. Carbon nanotubes can affect the hydration of early age and from this, the existence of a powerful bond between the carbon nanotubes and cement paste is possible.

 Nanotechnology in Structural Composites:

The nanotechnology in structural composites can be explained with the following parameters:

  • Applications in steel structures
  • Applications in welds and joints
  • Nano-composites

Applications in Coating:

  • The coating is an important field of research in nanotechnology, the work that comes under the field of a coating are chemical vapor deposition i.e. CVD, meniscus, dip, plasma coating and spray. They generate a layer that is bound to the material of base to generate a protective surface as per the wish and properties of the function. Nanotechnology has implementations in paints and also in insulating properties, generated by adding cells which are nano-sized, by particles and pores. At present, such paints are availed for the protection from corrosion beneath the insulation and it has the hydrophobic nature and also secures the metal from the attack of saltwater.
  • All the explained applications have the intention to decrease the avail of energy in cooling structures and make a sustainable environment.

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Nanotechnology and Fire Protection:

  • The property of fire resistance of steel buildings is commonly furnished by a coating generated by a spray on the process of cementitious. The present coatings which are based on Portland cement are not very famous as they require being thick and the adding of polymers is required to enhance adhesion property.
  • Fibers of polypropylene are another method of enhancing fire resistance and this method is an affordable method when compared with the common insulation method.

Future Challenges and Directions:

Future challenges and limitations of nanotechnology in the field of construction engineering are studied with more importance; the future challenges and directions of nanotechnology are as below:

  • Fabrication
  • Health
  • Environment
  • Cost

Well, we need to solve the present challenges before the nanotechnology immerses completely in the applications of concrete.

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