Download Smart Antenna Seminar | PPT | PDF Report: A smart antenna commonly known as multiple antenna or adaptive array antenna can be defined as a digital wireless communications system with increased efficiency. This type of antenna works by using a diversity effect at the wireless system’s transceiver. These are the antenna arrays having smart signal processing algorithms that are used for identification of the spatial signal signature. The major applications of the smart antennas can be found notably in radio astronomy, radio telescopes, cellular systems, acoustic signal processing, scan radar and much more. You can get Smart Antenna Seminar PPT and PDF Report.

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Smart Antenna Seminar | PPT | PDF Report

 Types of Smart Antennas

There are two major types of smart antennas explained below:

  1. Switched Beam Smart Antennas

A smart antenna that has many fixed beam patterns is known as switched beam antennas. While using this type of smart antennas, there is a need to make a decision on which beam should be accessed that depends upon the needs of the system. The major advantage of this kind of smart antennas is that it is easy to implement in the present cell structures and cost very less.

  1. Adaptive Array Smart Antennas

The antennas which are allowed to steer the beam in any direction along with nulling the interfering signals are known as adaptive array smart antennas. The direction of arrival estimation methods (DOA) is used to estimate the beam direction. It is the best type of smart antennas and has a complex transceiver.

Advantages of Smart Antennas

There are many advantages offered by the smart antennas and some of them are stated below:

  1. Increasing number of users

The frequencies of smart antennas can be used again because of their targeted nature that allows an increased number of users. It means there will be a lower operating cost for the network provider in terms of shopping frequency space.

  1. Less interference

There is a very reduced chance of interference due to the transmissions that radiate in all the directions. The smart antennas come with directionality that has the ability to achieve greater range and reuse frequencies.

  1. Better Bandwidth

The availability of bandwidth increases because of the reuse of the frequencies.

Disadvantages of Smart Antennas

Along with lots of benefits, there are also some loopholes in smart antennas:

  1. Complexity

The biggest disadvantage that comes with the smart antennas is that they have high complexity when compared to the traditional antennas. It makes it difficult to diagnose the faults or problems.

  1. High Cost

The smart antennas have high complexity and it utilizes the latest to process the expensive technology that makes it extremely costly.

  1. Bigger Size

The smart antennas have a  much bigger size than the traditional ones because of the antenna arrays. It can be a problem in a social way.

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The broadcasting nature of the wireless channel can be changed by the smart antennas and that’s why they have so popular these days. It consists of the diversity effect on the transmitter, the receiver or both. This effect includes the transmission of several radio frequencies for raising the data speed and reducing the rate of error.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Smart Antenna

  • Introduction
  • What is Smart Antenna?
  • Types
  • The goals of a smart antenna system
  • Architecture of smart antenna system
  • Benefits of Switched Beam and Adaptive Array systems
  • Who can use smart antennas?
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Conclusion
  • References

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