Poverty In India PPT and PDF Download: Poverty direct to a state of affairs where folks are empty with basic requirements of life. It is usually characterized by garments, a place of protection, and inadequacy of food. In different words, poorness assigns to a condition of privation wherever there’s an absence of essential wants for subsistence. India is one of the poorest countries in the world. Several Indian folks don’t get 2 meals every day.

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They do not have sensible homes to measure in. Their youngsters don’t get correct schooling. Poor folks are the depressed and disadvantaged category. They are not getting a correct diet with required nutrition. Their conditions haven’t sufficiently enhanced even long when over sixty-five years of our Independence.

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Poverty In India PPT Presentation and PDF Download

Poverty in urban India: Similar to most of the countries which are changing and growing, there has been a continuous increase in a population of an urban area.

  • Poor individuals move from distinct rural areas to towns and cities in search of jobs for their livelihood.
  • Financial gain of quite eight large integer urban folks is calculable to fall into a level which is lower than the poverty level.
  • Including the current situations, there is unit around 4.5 crores of urban folks whose financial gain level is on borderline of personal income.
  • A financial gain of urban people who are facing poverty is very unstable. An outsized range of them are either casual staff or freelance.
  • Banks and monetary establishments are units reluctant to supply them loan due to the unstable financial gain.
  • States which constitute around four-hundredth of all urban poor folks of Bharat area are Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Odisha, Bihar, and Madhya Pradesh.
  • Nearly thirty-five percent of the full population of the four big cities like Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai has slum population.
  • A huge portion of individuals living in slums area unit are uneducated.

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Poverty in rural Bharat: Below points explain about poverty in rural India:

  • SCST: Among all the agricultural households, around 18.46 % relate to scheduled castes SCs, and nearly 10.97% belong to scheduled tribes.
  • Major supply of financial gain: Manual causative labor jobs and cultivation area unit are the most important sources of earning for rural individuals.
  • Deprived: Nearly 48.5 % of rural household’s area units were disadvantaged in keeping with the census.
  • Assets: Solely 11.04 % of families own luxurious goods like a refrigerator.
  • Income Tax: solely 4.58 % of rural households pay tax like income tax.
  • Land ownership: Nearly 56 % of village households don’t own a land.

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Causes of financial condition:

The growing population inflates the matter of poor techniques utilized in Agriculture. Further, there’s unequal distribution of richness. Below is the diagrammatical representation which explains about causes of financial condition:

Fig1: causes of poverty

  • Poor agriculture: Bharat is principally associated with the nursing agricultural country. Regarding eightieth individuals of our country rely on agriculture. However, our agriculture is in an exceedingly dangerous manner. Farmers have poor financial conditions and they are illiterate too. They do not understand the new strategies of farming. They do not have smart facilities for irrigation. They don’t get fertilizers and seeds in time. So, this results in poor yield. Irrigation and agriculture aren’t profitable nowadays. We tend to face a food shortage. Thus, poor facilities of agriculture are one among the causes of India’s financial condition.
  • Growing population: Our population is increasing at a high rate. However, our resources are restricted. The expansion in population creates issues for the United States of America. At present, our population is 1.20 billion; tomorrow we’ll be 1.21 billion, and then on. We’d require a lot of food, a lot of homes, and a lot of hospitals for them. Thus we’ve got no cash to pay for development comes. The high growth rate of the population should be checked. If it isn’t checked then, we may not be able to take away India’s financial condition.

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  • A gap between the made and also the poor: The large gap between rich people and also the poor is additionally liable for India’s financial condition.
  • Corruption and black money: Corruptions are happening in each walk of life. Individuals became egoistic. They ignore the national interests. Cash in black causes the matter of economic process. Some individuals have all the privileges. However several other innocent people are suffering because of this. Black cash affects the economy of the country. All these results in poor financial condition.

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Effects of financial condition:

  • Illiteracy
  • Child labor
  • Insufficient nutrition and diet
  • Unemployment
  • Hygiene and sanitation
  • Feminization of poverty
  • Social tensions

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Below graph explains about poverty ratio in India from 1951-52 to 1973-74:

Fig2: graph which explains about poverty line

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Poverty In India PPT Free Download

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Sumit ThakurGeneral Seminar TopicsPoverty In India PPT and PDF Download: Poverty direct to a state of affairs where folks are empty with basic requirements of life. It is usually characterized by garments, a place of protection, and inadequacy of food. In different words, poorness assigns to a condition of privation wherever there's...