Firewall Seminar and PPT with pdf report: A firewall is a controlling machine which retrieves data and looks at the internet protocol packets, examines it to discover similarities of whether to allow it or reject it or take some other action on it. A firewall is a group of instructions or hardware device which is used to filter the information or data coming from an internet connection into the private network personal computer systems. The firewall can be both in the form of hardware and software.

The hardware firewalls are joined or combined into the router which between a computer and the internet. The software firewalls are installed on each and every server which seizes each connection request and then examines whether the request is valid or not. An example of a security guard is well suited for the firewall because whenever or wherever we go to an office to meet the proprietor or employee of an office then the guard seizes our entry if we go without the valid permission. The firewall does the same in the world of internet and computers.

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Firewall Seminar Report with ppt and pdf

Types of firewalls:

The firewalls are of different types and we need to implement them depending on our use and needs. Some of the vital firewalls are as follows:

  • Packet filtering gateways
  • Stateful inspection firewalls
  • Proxy firewalls
  • Personal firewalls
  • NAT firewalls
  1. Packet filtering gateways: This type of firewall denies or allows the packet based on source address/ source packet or destination address/ destination port. It does not maintain any state data or information, takes the decisions from a content of the present packets. Packet filtering gateways can be integrated into routers and switches, provides the feature of high performance. The occurrence of the fragmentation causes a problem or issue in the packet filtering gateways.
  2. Stateful inspection firewalls: Stateful inspection firewalls maintains the data or information of a state of each connection which passes via a firewall. T o frequently maintain the state of a connection the firewall needs to examine every packet, if once a packet is known as a part of the established connection then we can apply the shortcuts to maintain a state table. Various vendors register a little different information or data about the state of a connection. An example for it is a TCP connection which has the stateful inspection.
  3. Proxy firewalls: All the requests which are made and all the replies which come are passed through a proxy server as there is no direct connection between a client and a server. The example of this firewall can be two separate TCP connections which are:
  • Client to proxy firewall
  • Proxy firewall to

The proxy firewalls do not permit the traffic to go directly between networks. Furnishes the intermediate type of connections between the client on one network and the server on the other network. The proxy firewall needs to be developed on both the client side and server side if there is a necessity of adding the new applications. For the application specific proxies like HTTP, the total browsers need to be fit or arrange at a proxy server.

  1. Personal Firewall: The personal firewall is mostly used for laptops and desktops; also this type of firewall denies the inbound connections. Defend the laptops and desktops from attacks, HIPS which stands for Host Instruction Prevention Systems is joined or combined with distributed firewall and it furnishes a better solution and furnishes a shield from danger against worms and viruses.
  2. NAT firewalls: NAT firewalls conceal all the internal addresses and defend the small networks from attacks as the internal addresses are not exposed. A fully fledged stateful firewall has much strength than the basic NAT firewalls.

The basic concept of firewall: The basic concept of firewall depends on the source, destination, service, and action. The request and reply of the service take place between the source and destination; whatever the request of service is made, it comes in the form of action.

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Advantages of firewall:

  • An industry or firm’s network, a home computer will have more benefits when it uses a firewall.
  • There are many firewalls which detect from viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware and much more.
  • The firewall protects the small networks from the external attacks.

Disadvantages of firewall:

  • If a firewall is not availed properly then it might give a false impression about the safety of the network.
  • Firewalls often cannot defend against an inside attack.
  • They also cannot defend against backdoor attacks.
  • They even cannot defend the network if a broadband is used to access the internet.

Applications of firewall:

The firewalls have a wide range of applications in the field of electronic machines and networks because there is no such network or computer which does not have the implementation of the firewall. Thus, the firewall acts as the intermediate between the source and destination.

What are the advantages of firewall security?

Have a look at the major firewall security benefits in detail below:

  • It monitors the traffic that passes through the network after proper inspection without any danger.
  • There is a solid set of protection offered by firewall security against malware like Trojans.
  • A firewall is a brilliant method for keeping hackers away from the system.
  • The DNS information is blocked by a firewall that makes sure IP address and names doesn’t get visible to the attackers.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Firewall

  • Introduction
  • What is a Firewall
  • Applications of Firewall
  • Software Firewall vs Hardware Firewall
  • History
  • Design goals for Firewall
  • Types
  • Basic Concepts of Firewall
  • Role of Firewall
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Conclusion

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