3D Internet Seminar and PPT with pdf report: The internet is developing day to day to change the real situations or conditions of communication, business, and entertainment and globally develop them. It also brings a controlled new way in reaching the consumers, business customers and co-workers, partners and also the students. 3D internet is the upcoming generation of the present 2d web and it is truly social because if you read a document or file then you can also see the people who are reading the same file.

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 3D Internet Seminar and PPT with pdf report

Need of 3D Internet:

To most of the 3D users, the 3D internet seems very comforting for all their necessary works and everyone is dependent on its circumstances that they forgot to think about its nature anymore just as we don’t think about the ohm’s law whenever we switch on the light. From this point of view, what we have today is the 2D version and the 3D internet is the next level of it. Well, if we stop for a while and think about the nature of the internet then it is nothing but a real environment where people exchange information and communicate with each other.

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For all these activities people are confined to the 2D pages and it is based on flat principles or theories and consists of a group of documents, images. Whenever a user enters the website then at every flat surface of communication the developers need to provide the conducting and managing help, if not then the user might get lost soon. As it is based on the flat principles there is no chance of providing a direct managing and conducting help that recognizes the human beings, this kind of situation is even worse when moving between the websites.

An example, of the current situation of web surfing, is perfect because we have no power over the web and it’s traveling with the next click. Another effect or result of it is the necessity of search engine and there is nothing astonishing in describing Google as the power internet company. There is much better way of arranging data which everyone knows and everyone uses it too, we spend our lives in a 3D world by managing, conducting and moving between places, representing the objects and where we rarely use the search engines.

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On the current internet, we are like the 2D creatures on flat files or documents without the knowledge of where we are transporting ourselves from one flat surface to another flat surface, getting lost every time and asking for directions. Although the 3D internet doesn’t provide the solution to all these issues but furnishes an HCI framework that reduces the mental load and enhances the rich, innovative schemes through spatial relationships. Another vital feature of it is that it enables the natural means of communication between people. With this, the online business will have a revolutionary effect as the 3D internet have a large commercial potential.

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3D Internet: HOW?

The 3D internet is based on the following features or parameters:

  • Networking or distributed computing
  • Intelligent environment
  1. Networking or distributed computing: A point of fact is that avatars have more data or information about the user who visits a 3D world than cookies do about a 2D website visitor. For example, avatars contain information about the appearance of a visitor or behavior of a visitor.
  2. Latency minimization: Latency which is observed by the clients when they are involving in communication with the servers is minimized. It proposed a hybrid peer-to-peer communication and server independent peer-to-peer communication.
  3. Security and trust: There is a group of alternatives for transporting authentication of users and avatars. Systems like ‘Microsoft Passport’ and many other are developed based on this.
  4. Intelligent Environment: They give extra stress on user-friendly and efficient service support. The intelligent environment also consists of intelligent services, intelligent agents, and rendering.

Along with this, we can avail the 3D internet:

  • With the use of artificial intelligence
  • By availing a 3d eyewear like the Google glass
  • By the implementation of sixth sense applied science.

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Technology, Components, and Implementations of the 3D internet:

  • 3D internet multi-users can read the same document and connect with the people who share the same interest.
  • It also provides other facilities like virtual meetings, training charts, and shopping etc.
  • Speed and hardware are the two technical implementations of it.

Advantages of 3d Internet:

  • Facility of open communication is available.
  • Permits the employees to discuss the ideas and share the links.
  • Furnishes an opportunity to enlarge the business contacts.
  • Targets a large number of audiences.
  • Enhances the business fame.

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Disadvantages of 3d Internet:

Along with the advantages, it has the disadvantages like:

  • It increases for hackers to commit frauds and launch virus attacks.
  • The risk of online scams is also increased.

However, the 3d internet is necessary and vital to start and continue.

Is 3D internet the future of the internet?

There is no doubt we have seen tons of excellence in 3D internet, but great days are still to come for sure. The rich engagement and empowerment offered by this technology definitely make it worthy of using in upcoming years. You will see it as a top-class method for developing a digital experience.

Whether it is a startup or someone looking for promotion of their product, 3D internet will surely become a technology to look at in the next decade.

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Content of the Seminar and pdf report for 3D Internet

  • Introduction
  • What is 3D Internet?
  • 3D Internet: Why?
  • How 3D internet Works?
  • Applications of 3D Internet
  • 3D Internet Technology and Components
  • 3D Internet Features
  • Technical Implications
  • Problem Statements
  • Conclusion
  • References

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