Invisibility Cloaks Seminar and PPT with PDF Report: We discussed Invisibility Cloak Components such as Video Camera, Computer, The projector and The combiner.

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Invisibility Cloaks Seminar and PPT with PDF Report


There are many potential uses of the cloak, ranging from surveillance and military impetus to serving pilots to watch through the floor of the cockpit to the runway below.


However, there are huge questions of prospective misuse too, particularly surrounding the massive crime, intimation.

It could make hardily laborious to spot a thief, for example, if the terms they were capturing  were simply vanishing under the cloak.


  • Making a vast building unseeable so that the park on the other side can be seen
  • Improving the range of wireless devices by permitting waves to curve and flow around obstructing objects
  • Cloaked military vehicles and outposts
  • Eliminating shadows and reflections (from a military plane, for example)
  • Ultra-high capacity storage devices
  • Lenses that have no blurring effect, resulting in ultra-sharp images
  • People inside a cloaked area would not be able to see out because all visible light would be bending around where they are positioned. They would be invisible, but they would be blind, too.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Invisibility Cloaks

  • Introduction
  • Metamaterials are structured
  • Current Design
  • New Technology
  • References

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