DBMS Seminar and PPT with PDF Report: Database management system is a database program. Database management system is a collection of interrelated and persistent data.

 DBMS Seminar PPT with pdf report

 Why Use a DBMS?

  • Data independence and efficient access
  • Data integrity and security
  • Uniform data administration
  • Concurrent access, recovery from crashes

 Purpose of DBMS

  • Data redundancy and inconsistency
  • Difficulty in new program to carry out each new task
  • Data isolation
  • Integrity problems
  • Security problems

 Data models

 There are three types of model.

  • Hierarchical Model
  •  Network Model
  •  Relational Model


  • External Level
  •  Conceptual Level
  •  Internal Level

 Components of DBMS

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Data
  • People
  • Procedure

 Advantage of DBMS

  • Controlling  Redundancy 
  • Sharing of Data
  • Data Consistency 
  • Integration of Data
  • Integration Constraints
  • Data Security
  • Report Writers

 Disadvantage of DBMS

  • Cost of Hardware and Software
  • Cost of Data Conversion
  • Cost of Staff Training
  • Appointing Technical Staff
  • Database Damage

 Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Database Management System (DBMS)

  •  What is Database Management System?
  • Brief History
  • Why Use a DBMS?
  • Purpose of DBMS
  • Data models
  • Architecture of DBMS
  • levels or layers of DBMS architecture
  • Components of DBMS
  • Advantage of DBMS
  • Disadvantage of DBMS
  • DBMS Languages
  • References

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