Training and Development | PPT | PDF | Presentation: Introduction– There is a vital role played by the training and development in the working of the organizations. The training has many implications for health, productivity and safety in the personal development.  The programs related to the training and development provided by an organization consist of a wide range of educational techniques. It may be attended by staff on a voluntary or compulsory basis. You can download here Training and Development | PPT | PDF | Presentation.

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Training and Development | PPT | PDF | Presentation

In simple words, it can define as an educational process that consists of sharpening of skills, gaining extra knowledge, changing of attitude for promoting the performance of the company’s employees. It is known by many other names such as Human Capital Development, Human Resource Development, and Learning & Development.

Major Processes

There is an involvement of three main processes in training and development mentioned below:

  1. Training

The major target of this process is the overall improvement of the individual that currently held by him/her.

  1. Education

Education is one of the most important activities in this process that targets the jobs in which an employee may have to work in the future. It is generally evaluated against those kinds of jobs.

  1. Development

The main target of the development process is on the activities that the company employs the individual or he/she may take it in the future. It is not possible to evaluate for the individual.

Types of Training and Development

Have a look at some of the top types of training and development:

  • Technical Training

The employee is reached about the technological characteristics of the job in the technical training.

  • Quality Training

In quality training, the employees are familiarized with the means of detecting, preventing and eliminating the non-quality things in the organization.

  • Skills Training

This type of training consists of proficiencies required to actually do the job.

  • Professional Training

When the organization needed to be up to date in their professional field, then the professional training is required.

Main Advantages of Training & Development

Here are some top advantages of training and development:

  • Better Productivity

The efficiency and productivity of employees get increased by training and development because they get updated with newer technology. Apart from that, they become able to use the existing one in a better way.

  • Less errors & accidents

The main reason for the majority of the errors is the lack of the precise skills and desired knowledge needed for completing a particular job. It can be eliminated by continuous training and development.

  • Job satisfaction

The employees generally feel more satisfied in playing their role in the company after having proper training and development.

  • Less supervision

The necessary skills can be improved in the employees by training because it empowers them for addressing the tasks in an independent way.

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There can be a better profitability and more positive attitudes in the employees for their organization by having training and development. In addition to this, it also helps in solving problems and promotes decision making. It assists in carrying out and understanding the policies of the organization. That means training and development develop motivation, leadership skills, better attitudes and much more.

Content of the PPT and PDF for Training and Development

  • Introduction
  • Differences between Training, Education & Development
  • Role Of Training & Development
  • Identifying Training Needs
  • Types of Training and Development
  • Training & Development Process
  • Establishing Training and Development Objectives
  • Importance of Training & Development
  • Advantages
  • Conclusion
  • References

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Training and Development PDF Free Download

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