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Ocean Thermal Energy Seminar pdf Report and ppt

The oceans cover a little more than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface. This makes them the world’s largest solar energy collector and energy storage system.

Electricity Production

  • Closed-Cycle OTEC System
  • Open-Cycle OTEC System
  • Hybrid OTEC System

 Benefits of OTEC

  • Helps produce fuels such as hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol .
  • Produces base load electrical energy.
  • Produces desalinated water for industrial, agricultural, and residential uses .
  • Is a resource for on-shore and near-shore mariculture operations.
  • Provides air-conditioning for buildings.
  • Provides moderate-temperature refrigeration.

Needed Research

  • Obtain data on OTEC plant process with accordingly sized demonstration plants.
  • Conduct further research on the heat exchanger systems to improve heat transfer performance and decrease costs.
  • Conduct research in the areas of innovative turbine concepts for the large machines required for open-cycle systems.

Identify and evaluate advanced concepts for ocean thermal energy extraction.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Ocean Thermal Energy

  • Introduction To OTEC
  • Achievements In OTEC
  • Application
  • Electricity production
  • Benefits
  • Needed research
  • References

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Ocean Thermal Energy pdf Report Free Download

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