Digital Jewellery Seminar and PPT with pdf Report: The mobile computing is starting to divide the chains that tie the people to their desks and now-a-days many mobile machines are still a bit clumsy to carry around. In the coming generation of computing there will be a sudden release of computer components across our bodies rather than on our desks, generally, the jewellery decorates the body and the digital jewellery have tiny particle requirements and at the present the researches are looking to transform the way people think about the beads and bobbles that the people wear.

The combination of microcomputer machines and enhancing computer power has permitted several companies to star manufacturing or generating fashion jewellery with integrated intelligence like digital jewellery. You can download PPT and PDF Report which is totally free to download.

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Digital Jewellery Seminar PPT and PDF Report

The digital jewellery can be explained as wireless and wearable computers that permit us to exchange information through the ways like e-mail, voicemail and communication through voice. All the things that we use in the present days are under locked and keyed; even the machines we use are secured with the passwords and sometimes with the system or method of this passwords people gets irritated and the context of digital jewellery explains about the modern java based digital jewellery that will automatically do the protecting functions right from the sign in/log in to sign out/ log out.

The modern computer craze permits the people to wear the wireless computers and the computer fashion wave or fashion trend i.e. digital jewellery seems to be the coming or future fashion trend of technological wave. The combination of shrinking computer machines and enhancing computer power has permitted many companies to start generating fashion jewellery with integrated intelligence. At present the producers are placing millions of transistors on a single micro chip and this can be used to make tiny machines that save tons of digital information.

The concept behind the digital jewellery is to exchange information with others through wireless appliances and also to be stylish at the same time. With the development in the digital jewellery at the end of the decade people will be wearing the computers instead on sitting in front of them. The digital jewellery is fashionable jewellery with integrated intelligences and it can aid the people in solving the issues like forgotten passwords and protection badges. They have the power to be all-in-one replacement from the people driving license, credit cards and to the loose cash.

Digital jewellery and its components:

Each piece of jewellery will include a fraction of the ingredients found in a mobile phone and the combination of all these makes the digital jewellery to work like a normal mobile phone. The different components inside a cell phone are:

  • Microphone
  • The receiver
  • The touchpad
  • Display
  • The circuit board
  • The antenna and
  • Battery

The IBM made a prototype of cell phone in digital jewellery and it works as follows:

  • Earrings: The earrings play the role of a receiver as the speakers are integrated in it and it performs the operations of the receiver of the phone.
  • Necklace: The users will talk through the necklace as it has the integrated microphone.
  • Ring: The ring identifies the particular caller and the importance of the call.
  • Bracelet: the bracelet is equipped with the display i.e. video graphic arrays.

Technical specifications of the digital jewellery:

The technical specifications are as follows:

  • The digital jewellery machines contain a screen or display.
  • It has the dot matrix LEDs and LCDs.
  • The technical specifications include the other applied sciences electroluminescent material.

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Advantages of digital jewellery:

The advantages of the digital jewellery are as follows:

  • It furnishes security.
  • It can be used as computing machines.

Disadvantages of digital jewellery:

The disadvantages of the digital jewellery are as follows:

  • It has the issue of charging capabilities.
  • They possess high costs.

Display technologies:

The digital jewellery can be made with various sizes and shapes with different materials and they, make use of electromagnetic properties and also they use other electronics to display data by means of screen.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Digital Jewellery

  • Introduction
  • DIGITAL JEWELLERY and its components
  • Technical specifications
  • Display Technologies
  • Prototype of DIGITAL JEWELLERY
  • The Java Ring
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Conclusion
  • Reference

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