Blue Eyes Technology Seminar and PPT with pdf report: Have you ever thought that your computer systems disturb you with the messages of love? In the coming days soon we are going to see the computers that will know that you hate them or love them or appreciate them for a job they did. All this happens with the blue eyes technology and the blue eyes research project is presently being implemented by the center’s user systems ergonomic research group (USER).

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Blue Eyes Technology Seminar PPT with pdf report

The blue eyes technology depends upon the interaction between a device and the human being, as we exchange the information with everyone and interact with everyone likewise this applied science can interact with the human beings in a similar manner. An example for explaining about the blue eyes technology is as follows, at the time of your going to bed your mobile device automatically says you the good night and we have such amazing features in the blue eyes technology.

The general and basic idea of this technology is very simple and it is that the human beings are going to make a computer that has the power of sensitivity and the sensitivity is the power of human beings too. In real the blue eyes technology works on the sensors, Bluetooth, and the central unit; the total system of the blue eyes applied science consists of two main parts and they are as follows:

  • Data acquisition unit (DAU)
  • Central system unit (CSU)

Types of Emotional Sensors:

The emotional sensors are of three type sand they are as follows:

  • Emotional sensors for hands
  • Emotional sensors for eyes
  • Emotional sensors for voice
  1. For hands: The devices used as emotional sensors for the hands are as follows:
  • Emotion mouse
  • Sentic mouse
  1. Emotion mouse: The emotion mouse is implemented on the genuine mouse and it includes a set of sensors along with the infrared detectors and temperature sensitive chips. The data obtained from emotion mouse is about the behavior and physiological information, the behavior includes the actions like a movement of the mouse, frequency of clicking the button and the pressure of fingers when a person clicks the button. The physiological information includes the heart rate, a temperature of the skin, skin electricity electromyography activity.
  2. Sentic mouse: The genetic mouse is an experiment which is inspired by the work of Peter J.Lang, Dr. Manfred Clynes and Ward Winton, Lois Putnam and Robert Kraus.
  1. For eyes: The devices used as emotional sensors for the hands are as follows:
  • The expression glasses
  • The magic pointing
  • The eye tracking

The expression glasses are a wearable machine that permits the user to see a graphical view of the wearer’s facial expression.

  1. For voice: The voice is also used as an emotional sensor in the blue eyes technology.

System Overview:

The blue eyes system furnishes technical means for monitoring and recording the operator’s basic physiological features. The complete industrial surroundings can make a danger of exposing the operator to toxic materials and this can affect the person’s cardiac system, circulatory system, and pulmonary system. The blue eyes system checks all the above features against abnormalities like the low level of blood oxygenation or the high pulse rate. The total system consists of two vital parts and they are:

  • Data acquisition unit (DAU)
  • Central system unit (CSU)
  1. Data acquisition unit (DAU): The abbreviation of the data acquisition unit is the DAU and it is a part of the blue eyes system and its function is to search the physiological information from the sensor and to transmit it to the central system for the further operations. The voice data in the data acquisition unit is transmitted by using a tiny headset and the DAU consists f many hardware modules and those are as follows:

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The Atmel 89C52 microcontroller

  • A Bluetooth module
  • A small LCD display
  • A removable ID card i.e. 24C16-I2C EEPROM
  • A 13 bit PCM code
  • Jazz multi-sensors
  • The LED indicators
  • A beeper
  • The 6AA batteries and
  • A voltage level monitor
  1. Central system unit (CSU): The abbreviation of the central system unit is the CSU and the collection of programs of the central system unit is present on the delivered system and the CSU consists of the following modules:
  • Connection manager
  • Data analysis
  • Data logger and
  • Visualization
  1. Connection manager: The connection manager handles the exchange of information with the hardware on the central system unit and searches for the modern machines in the covered range. It establishes the Bluetooth connection and also controls the connection authentication; receiving data buffer and transmit alerts.
  2. Data analysis: The data analysis module performs the analysis of raw sensor information.
  3. Data logger: The data logger module furnishes the support for saving the monitored information.
  4. Visualization: The visualization module furnishes a user interface for the supervisors.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Blue Eyes Technology

  • Blue Eyes technology
  • About Blue Eyes
  • Designing
  • System Overview
  • Working
  • Hardware and software
  • Application
  • Advantage and Disadvantage
  • Future Enhancement
  • Conclusion
  • Reference

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