WIMAX Seminar and PPT with pdf report: The old system of Internet access is doing good job but when we talk about the speed and the access area then it does not have any answer.

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WIMAX Seminar and PPT with pdf report

New technology promises us high speed, wireless system and broad coverage of the area. From here the concept of WIMAX technology comes into existence. The meaning of WIMAX is wireless interpretability for Microwave access.

It provide us a broadband access which is wireless with high speed. It is giving an area of 31 miles around which is very large as compared to present system. A WIMAX system consists of basically two parts: WIMAX tower which is like mobile tower and the other is WIMAX receiver.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for WIMAX

  • Introduction
  • Working of WIMAX
  • IEEE 802.16 standard
  • 16 Architecture
  • IEEE 802.16 Specifications
  • Features of WIMAX
  • Advantages of WIMAX over WIFI
  • WIMAX vs. 3G
  • ISSUES in WIMAX vs. 3G
  • Future of WIMAX

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