Rural Marketing Seminar and PPT with pdf report: In the India context, the word ‘RURAL’ is so much associated with agriculture and farmers that rural marketing tends to be seen as a marketing of inputs or outputs related to agriculture. This page contains Rural Marketing Seminar and PPT with pdf report.

Rural Marketing Seminar ppt and pdf Report

Various factors which have made Rule Markets viable

  • Large population
  • Raising prosperity
  • Growth in consumption
  • Life-style changes
  • Life-cycle advantages
  • Market growth rates higher than urban
  • Rural marketing is not expensive
  • Remoteness is no longer a problem

Factors which Contributes to the Growth of Rural Markets

  • Government initiatives
  • Rising literacy levels
  • Infrastructural facilities
  • New employment opportunities
  • Rising mass media
  • Agricultural research
  • Marketing efforts
  • Urban influence

Features of Rural Marketing

  • Large and scattered population
  • Higher purchasing capacity
  • Market growth
  • Development of infrastructure
  • Low standard of living
  • Traditional outlook
  • Marketing mix

Problems Faced in Rural Marketing

  • Deprived people and deprived markets
  • Lack of communication facilities
  • Transport
  • Many languages and dialects
  • Dispersed markets
  • Low per capita Income
  • Low levels of literacy
  • Prevalence of spurious brands and seasonal demand
  • Different way of thinking
  • Warehousing problem
  • Problems in sales force management
  • Distribution problem

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Rural Marketing

  • Introduction
  • Evolution of rural market
  • Characteristics of rural market
  • Rural consumer
  • Potential for rural market in India
  • Challenges in rural marketing
  • Strategies to capture rural market
  • Some noteworthy success stories
  • Conclusion

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Rural Marketing PPT and Seminar Free Download

Rural Marketing pdf Report Free Download

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