Job Satisfaction Seminar and PPT with pdf report: Job satisfaction is one among the most searched variables in the field of work psychology and it keeps the company with many factors including the qualities of leadership to the design of the job. The enhancement in the job satisfaction can be done through the factors which motivate like the planning of the work, making it interesting and by doing the creative work.

The opinion of the staff and the employees is equally important in the factors like decision making and it solving the problems. All these factors will enhance job satisfaction in the staff and employees and also along with that they will as a portion of the organization. This page contains Job Satisfaction Seminar and PPT with pdf report.

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Job Satisfaction Seminar Report with ppt and pdf

Tools for Data Collection:

There are two distinct tools that are used for the data collection and are as follows:

  • Primary data collection
  • Secondary data collection
  1. Primary data collection: Primary data collection is nothing but the gathering of information by us like through the questionnaires and interviews. The primary data is the information which is assembled for the foremost time and possesses the nature of being genuine and fresh.
  2. Secondary data collection: Secondary data collection is the gathering of the data from the people except gathering from the researcher and few examples of the secondary data collection are like records of an organization, surveys etc.

The roles of Workers in Job Satisfaction:

If the job satisfaction is an advantage to the worker then the worker try to do his/her level best in the job. The below parameters are the suggestions that aid the worker in finding the job satisfaction:

  • The worker should search for the opportunities to prove the talents and skills.
  • The worker should advance the skills of communication.
  • The worker should prove the creative the creative skills.
  • The worker should prove the initiative skills.
  • The worker should accept the variety of the people.
  • The worker should learn to avoid the stress.

Assuring job Satisfaction:

The long term job satisfaction and assuring of it need planning which has to be done carefully and along with the planning, it also needs the Endeavour of the workers and management. Therefore, job satisfaction is the result of the occasions and stipulations which are experienced by the workers and employees in their jobs. In the year of 1998, it was written that “If an employee has an interesting work with a good salary, better chances of promotion, supportive supervisor and co-employees then one can know that he/she has the job satisfaction.”

What Causes Job Satisfaction?

The causes of the job satisfaction are as follows:

  • Rewards
  • Opportunities
  • Supervision
  • Security of the job
  1. Rewards: National Business Research Institute said that “The feeling of the employee that they have got good rewards for their work makes them satisfied.” Few things which come under the category of the rewards are like dental insurance, insurance of the health, plans of retirement and much more.
  2. Opportunities: A society for Human Resource Management said that the employees want their skills, talents, and ability to work to avail in such a manner that it becomes a contribution to the firm.
  3. Supervision: The feeling of the job satisfaction enhances when the workers maintain to have a fair relationship with their supervisors.
  4. Job security: The workers or else the employees have a kind of enjoyment in their work when they felt that their jobs are secured. Thus, job security is also a vital parameter in the job satisfaction.

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Theories of Job Satisfaction:

The theories of job satisfaction are as follows:

  • The hierarchy of needs
  • Theory of motivator-hygiene
  • Model of job characteristics
  • The approach of disposition

What are Benefits of Job Satisfaction?

The benefits of job satisfaction are as follows:

  • Job satisfaction and employee turnover
  • Job satisfaction and productivity
  • Job satisfaction and safety
  • Job satisfaction and union activities
  • Job satisfaction and absenteeism
  • Few other effects of job satisfaction

The effects of low Job Satisfaction:

The effects of low job satisfaction are as follows:

  • Lack of productivity
  • Poor overall morale
  • The job stress
  • High employee turnover rates

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Job Satisfaction

  • Introduction
  • Tools for Data Collection
  • Workers’ Roles in Job Satisfaction
  • Assuring Job Satisfaction
  • What Causes Job Satisfaction?
  • Theories of job satisfaction
  • What are benefits of Job Satisfaction?
  • The Effects of Low Job Satisfaction
  • Conclusion
  • References

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