Braingate Seminar and PPT with pdf report: BrainGate is a brain implant system developed by the bio-tech company‚ Cyber kinetics in conjunction with the Department of Neuroscience at Brown University. This page contains BraingateSeminar and PPT with pdf report.

Braingate Seminar ppt and pdf Report

Applications of Braingate

  • In classification of EEG signal.
  • In multimedia communication.
  • In evaluation of spike detection algorithms.
  • Actuated control of mobile robot by human EEG.
  • As a brain controlled switch for asynchronous control.
  • In evaluating the machine learning algorithms.

Advantages of Braingate

  • Controlling remote devices
  • Making and receiving telephone calls
  • Accessing the internet.
  • Turn on or off the lights
  • Control robotic arm
  • Watch and control television
  • Use the pc
  • Locking or unlocking doors
  • Motorized wheelchair

Disadvantages of Braingate

  • Expensive
  • Risky Surgery
  • Not Wireless yet
  • Difficulty in adaptation and learning.
  • Limitation in information transform rate.

Future Scope

  • Smaller ,wireless device .
  • Current new advances include a second-generation interface software M*Power controller that will enable users to perform a wide variety of daily activities without assistances of technician.

Content of the Seminar and pdf report for Braingate

  • Introduction
  • Development
  • Working Principle
  • Types of Brain Computer Interface(BCI)
  • Application
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Future Scope
  • Conclusion

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